Quality advice on how to pack a sofa when moving home in Leicester

There are so many reasons you may need to protect your sofa, whether that be for moving in to a new home, moving in to storage or decorating your home. What ever the reason you are going to need professional advice on how to pack a sofa when moving home in Leicester.

This guide is packed with tips on the  best ways that you can protect your sofa when moving.

Sofa’s can be expensive pieces of furniture sometimes costing us £1000’s, so packing and protecting your sofa will ensure it arrives at it’s new destination with no rips, scratches or dirty.

There are many methods that removal companies can use to pack your sofa for a house removal. Nowadays we have moved on from the old fashioned techniques. Now we have specialist packaging materials like large sofa bags that the sofa fits into,  making it easy to pack and keeping it dry, clean and protected from damage.

The packing materials you will need to pack a sofa

When thinking how to pack a sofa when moving home in Leicester you are going to need a variety of packaging materials. Below is a list of the materials you will need.

  • Foam or bubble wrap
  • Shrink wrap
  • Corrogated sheets of Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Strong plastic bags
  • Removal blankets

Follow the tips below on how to pack a sofa when moving home in Leicester


Clean the sofa first. Many sofa manufacturers will have specialist cleaning chemicals that can be used to clean the type of sofa you have. Be sure the sofa has dried fully before packing it.

Step 2

Using a smooth clean cloth polish the wooden and metal sections of the sofa.

Step 3

Remove all attachments of the sofa. Remove the legs cushions and any other sections that are fitted to the sofa. On many reclining sofas you can remove the whole back section, to make it easier to get the sofa through tight doorways.

Step 4

Using foam or bubble wrap, wrap the wooden and metals sections of the sofa and seal with tape.

Place all cushions in to separate bags and secure with tape.

Step 5

Once wrapped place all sections from the sofa in to plastic bags and label.

Step 6

Place 2 removal blankets on to the floor,  just so they cover each other.

Step 7

Place the sofa in to the middle of the removal blankets and secure using shrink wrap. The removal blankets will act as extra protection, especially if stirungbyhe sofa for long periods of time.

Step 8

Using foam or bubble wrap, wrap the sofa tightly. Be sure the entire sofa is covered and then secure with tape.

Step 9

You may need to turn the sofa around to wrap underneath.

Step 10

Once the sofa is fully wrapped in foam wrap you can add extra protection by wrapping again in shrink wrap.

Step 11

Repeated this process when packing all of your sofa’s whether that be an armchair, a 3 seater sofa , a 2 seater sofa or a corner sofa.

Thinking of moving In Leicester

We hope this guide on how to pack a sofa when moving home in Leicester has helped. If you think you could do with professional help for your move, we are just one call away.

How to pack a sofa when moving home in Leicester