Expert advice on how to pack and load a house removal truck

Packing and loading a removal truck can take time. Especially when moving home for the fist time and completing your own move. We often think about how to pack our items and belongings when moving, but what about how to pack and load a house removal truck or van. The key to a successful home move, is to ensure that the person loading the removal truck or van is experienced and knows exactly how a house removal truck should be loaded. Loading a removal truck correctly will ensure your items do not move around in the truck and ensures all items arrive at the new location safely. This is highly important especially when transporting expensive items and furniture.

How To Pack And Load A House Removal Truck

What is the best way to load a removal truck

Work out the size of truck you need

The first thing you will need to do when moving and load a house removal truck. Is to decide on the right size of truck for your needs. For small local removals, you will require a 3.5 tonne truck. But for larger home moves you will need a 7.5 tonne truck.

Having the right sized removal truck, will ensure all of your furniture and items can be loaded safely. As the vehicle will hold enough space.

Loading all boxes on to the truck

90% of your home furniture and belongings, now should be all packed and boxed up. You will want to start with clearing your home of all the boxes, because this will give yo the space to get larger items, like sofas out of the house safely.

At the back of the removal truck lay down some blankets and start to load all boxes against the back wall. Stack heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter on top.

Placing furniture in to a removal truck

Placing furniture is more tricky. For larger items like sofas, you may want to stand vertical. As this will maximise the space available inside the back of the removal truck.

Heavy items like wardrobes, chest of draws etc can be stacked up next to the boxes, because this will act as wall for the boxes and offer extra support. Use straps to secure all larger items and furniture.

Protecting items once loaded in to the truck

There are so many things you can do. That will help to protect your furniture and delicate items when loading on to a removal van or truck. A lot of items around the home like, quilt covers and pillows can also be used to cushion furniture.

Removal blankets can be used to cover items, because this will stop furniture getting dirty etc. Cushions, matteresses and bubble wrap are also good ways to help protect items and limit damage.

Dismantle larger furniture before loading truck

Dismantling large items is time consuming. To maximise the space that your removal truck provides. You will need to dismantle larger items. These items include beds, 3 door wardrobes, dining table & trampoline.

Think of how much space your bed takes up in your room. Compared to when it arrived in a small box. It is the same method when find out how to pack and load a house removal truck or van.

Stacking items high to the ceiling of the truck

If you have tons of furniture and belongings to move. Then you will need to stack the vehicle to the capacity. This mean filling the truck from top to bottom. To do this you will need to start with the heaviest of items.

Always place lighter non breakable items on top of each other. Like bags of clothes, mattresses and any other smaller items. Always cover using blankets, before putting things on top.

When loading make sure the weight is spread out evenly

Another important factor when learning how to pack and load a house removal truck or van. Is to ensure you load the truck evenly. The last thing you need is the vehicle to be loaded to heavy on one side. As this could result in the vehicle turning over.

When loading your removal truck. You must not go over the maximum authorised mass. You can take your vehicle to the nearest weigh bridge if you are unsure if your vehicle is over loaded. Vehicle weights explained.

Take out content insurance on your removal truck

If doing your own packing, removal and loading of truck. Then you are going to need to take out some cover for your furniture and belongings. The time when items get broken is when the truck is making its long journey to the new home.

So protect your items and belongings is the best solution. Even if you think the van is pack to the best of your ability. It is aways wise to have cover incase your plasma screen tv is damaged or dining table is scuffed in transit.

How to load and secure fragile items on to the truck

With delicate items like, mirrors, pictures and glass table tops etc. Must be wrapped using bubble wrap. To add extra protection, also wrap your delicates in removal blankets before you start loading them on to the removals truck.

Now when loading and placing your delicate items on the truck. You will need to put them under mattresses or at the side of the truck and use cushions, quilt covers or removal blankets as cushioning. Do not place heavy objects near or on top.

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