Practical Tips & Advice On How To Pack and Move a Washing Machine

There are many different types of washing machines for sale. So it can be a good idea to have the user manual handy, so you can follow the instructions on how to pack and move a washing machine. Some washers can be tricky as they come with both the washer and dryer combined. Washing machines are extremely heavy to move for just one person and can weigh up to 80kg, so 2 people will be required to move it safely without damaging your home or the washer. Read on to find out how to pack and move a washing machine

What You Need To Get Started 

  1. Strong grip gloves
  2. A bucket of soapy warm water
  3. Screw driver & pliers
  4. Washer locks for the drum
  5. Towels
  6. Floor protection
  7. Tape
  8. Removal blankets
  9. Straps or webbing
  10. Ramps
  11. Sack truck
  12. Tail lift Vehicle
how to pack and move a washer

How to disconnect a washing machine when moving home

  • For this task you will require 2 people.
  • Open the washing machine door as this will give you some where to grip the washer from.
  • Holding on to the drum, (not the washer door) start lifting the washing machine upwards, so the second person can place some blankets or towels underneath. This will stop the floor getting damaged when you start to pull the washing machine out of its space.
  • Carefully pull the washing machine out of its space. Remember the pipes are still connected so try not to pull to hard.
  • Pull the washer out just enough so you can get behind it to access the pipes.
  • Under the main sink you will find all the pipes you will need to disconnect the water valves and dismantle the washing machine. These pipes are know as the drainage pipe or the over flow pipe, that removes the dirty water from the washing machine. You will also find the pipes that connect to either the hot or cold water supplies.
  • You will need to disconnect these pipes before the washing machine. Take your time as sometimes the pipe connections can be tricky to get to with a spanner or screwdriver, especially if you have large hands.
  • Place all bolts and screws into a bag and secure on to the washing machine.
  • Once all pipes have been disconnected you will need to drain your washer.

How to drain your washing machine for your removals

  • Start to pull the pipes threw the holes in the cupboard if you have one.
  • You may spill a little water so have a towel handy to clean up any spillages you make which could be a trip hazard.
  • Place the pipes into a bucket.
  • With 2 people, slowly lean the washing machine backwards to drain off any excess water sitting inside the washer or the pipes.
  • Connect the pipes in an upright position on to the back of the washing machine using the pipe clips, then secure firm with tape.

How to prepare your washing machine for moving

  • Once you have drained your washing machine you may want to leave the doors open for a day or so. This will air the drum out and avoid it getting a foul smell.
  • Give the washer a good clean using soapy water.
  • Secure the power cables as this can be a trip hazard when moving.
  • Install the washing machine locks. These are 4 small connectors that fit into the holes at the back of the washing machine. The connectors are designed to stop the drum moving or bouncing around when being moved or transported.
  • Start to protect the washer by using removal blankets or a specialist washing machine cover. This will protect the washer when its being moved and stop the doors from opening.
  • Now your washing machine is safe to be moved and can be relocated to its new destination safely.

Preparation on how to move your washing machine

  • To move your washing machine you are going to need the assistance of a removal sack truck, which will make moving the washer easier. Some sack trucks are designed for moving washers up and downstairs or steps.
  • Strap the washer to the strap truck to ensure the washing machine does not move or shift when being transported, especially over rough uneven surfaces.
  • You will need a friend to help support the washer as a precaution when its being moved.
  • Makes sure the walk way is clear and no trip hazards will obstruct you when moving the washing machine from one place to another.
  • Place the sack truck at the back and under the washing machine because this will stop the paint work of washer getting scratched.
  • Add extra protection by placing a removal blanket, between the sack truck and washer.
  • Ramps can be used to make going up or down steps easier and can cost as little as £20.

Step by step instructions on how to move your washing machine

  • You will need 2 people to tilt the washing machine on to the sack truck.
  • Lower the sack truck at 90 degree angle.
  • Always hold the sack truck with 2 hands for maximum stability.
  • Use ramps where required on steps or stairs.
  • When going up steps or stairs pull the sack truck. When going down push the sack truck, but always keep any on every step you take and hold firmly with 2 hands.
  • Be sure your friend holds on to the bottom of the washer, which keep it stable when being moved.
  • Use a vehicle that is fitted with a tail lift, this will make it easy when lifting the washer on to the vehicle.

How to install your washing machine once arriving at the new home 

Remember to disconnect the washing machine drum bolts before you start to fit your washer

  • Using the techniques above, start to bring the washer in to the kitchen.
  • Remove all 4 of the washer bolts. You will find this at the back of the washing machine.
  • Lift the washer upwards and place some floor protection down.
  • Push the washer in to its gap.
  • Leave room to get behind the washer.
  • Start to reconnect your washer.
  • Tighten all bolts and screws.
  • Plug in the washers electrical power cable supply and turn to the on position.
  • Finally push the washing machine in to the gap, so that its a nice tight fit and the washer does not stick out too much.

Do you need help packing and moving a washing machine

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