Moving Home? Need Help Packing Your Boxes?

When moving home in Gedling Nottinghamshire its important to understand that 80% of your home belongings will be wrapped up, packed and placed into removal boxes. Many people moving home make the mistake by packing their belongings and delicate items into suit cases, sport bags or even bin liners, instead of using strong quality double wall removal boxes that are made to keep your most valuable items and belonging safe. We have created the perfect guide on how to pack boxes for house removals when moving home in Gedling Nottinghamshire.

How to protect & box your delicate items & belongings when moving home in Gedling

It is very important to protect your items and belongings before placing them into house removal boxes. To protect your items professionally they will all need to be wrapped individually as if they were brand new items heading to the consumer. This packing method can be a time-consuming task but ensures that when you arrive at your new home to open the removal boxes, you will find that all your items are as in perfect condition as when first packed.

The key to ensuring your house removal boxes are packed safely is to use the correct packaging materials that will offer the protection your most delicate, valuable and antique items need when moving home. To professionally pack your items you will need wrapping-paper and bubble wrap (which is used for wrapping glasses, plates, ornaments and cutlery). Bubble-wrapping acts as a cushion for the items inside the removal box and can be used to wrap other items around the house. For packing valuable and bulkier items like antique dining tables and chairs, foam-wrap, foam corner protectors and shrink-wrap would be the ideal packaging materials.

How To Pack The Right Items Into The Right Size House Removal Boxes

Small Removal Boxes

Small house removal boxes are very useful and provide great advantages that come with using this type of removal box. One of the advantages is they are small so can be easily picked up or moved by just one person. 2 Although the small removal boxes are small in size, they are used to pack heavy items, like books, documents, papers, cds, cutlery, glasses and so on. If your home has ornaments, vases cutlery, kettle, toaster, tin food, wine, kids toys, little tool set or bits and bobs from the house, garden, shed or garage then small removal boxes will be perfect for packing these types of things.  When Packing your boxes just bear in mind that any item smaller than a microwave should be wrapped, packed and placed into removal boxes.

Medium Removal Boxes

For packing heavy larger items and furniture within your home like big bowls, pots, pans, trays, teddy, dvd players, sky box, videos, board games, wires / cables and stereos, then the medium house removal boxes should be just fine. The medium removal boxes will normally be used to pack most of the contents of your home, as they are large enough to pack and easy enough to move even when packed heavy. How many medium removal boxes you will need to pack your home belongings will depend on the volume of items you have to pack. You can still pack heavy items into the medium removal boxes as they are big enough for one person to cope.

Large Removal Boxes 

Large house removal boxes are ideal for packing light shades, small lamps, bedroom size tv, larger toys, tools and  clothes (from items like chest of draws). Large house removal boxes are a little to big for just one person to carry safely and extra help may be required. You just have to be cautious when packing them and try to use lighter items to put in to the larger boxes, unless the item is really big and will not fit comfortably into the small or medium removals boxes.

X Large Removal Boxes

Packing x large house removal boxes are a little bit easier as you will not need to do much wrapping for the items that go in their. For x large boxes you really will need to pack very light items and belongings into, packing to heavy and you will not be able to lift or move it. When packing the xl removal boxes it is best to place items into them like clothing, curtains, bed sheets, quilt covers, pillows, kids bulky soft toys, towels, shoes,you will need that you wish to take to your new home.

Get Professional Assist When Packing Your Home!

Packing your items and furniture for house removals can be a stressful situation for some people, especially if you are moving your whole home and doing it your self. The key to packing your home successfully and without the hassle is to not pack every thing in just on day. Instead take your time, pack just 5 to 10 boxes per day. Choose a day to dismantle and wrap the dining table or book shelf, packing your home this way, providing you have the time is much more of an effective way of packing your home without the help of a moving company. When packing your items it’s not a good idea to put random items into the boxes, instead try packing all similar items into the same box, which makes the item easy to find and the box easy to label.

You may require some specialist packing materials, like wardrobe boxes, mattress protectors, picture boxes or sofa covers for keeping your items clean on moving day. Following our helpful moving advice on how to pack boxes and what items to place into your removal boxes will ensure you are close to a successful move and not only that, can you imagine the look on the removal companies face when they see how well packed and prepared your items and belongings are.

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