Simple Steps On How To Pack & Move A Mattress For Removals

How To Pack & Move A Mattress? Double, king and queen mattresses can be extremely difficult to pack and very heavy to lift or carry. You may want to seek out a professional your removals company that can help. Many removal companies offer a packing and moving service for your mattress.

When buying a mattress the size of the mattress you have matters. Depending on how big the mattress is, will determine how difficult it is to move. The King size mattresses is the biggest of all mattresses. Its size is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. With the Queen mattress size 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

This guide how to pack & move a mattress is designed to make things so much easier when moving home. No need for shrink wrap or other materials.

What You Need To Get Started 

  1. Tape
  2. Polythene Mattress Protectors
  3. Padded Mattress Covers
  4. Corrugated Mattress Cardboard Box
  5. 2 People
How To Pack & Move A Mattress

How To Pack A Mattress

  • For this task you will require 2 people.
  • Stand the mattress in a vertical position
  • Holding on to each side or the mattress
  • Using the your mattress protection start to pull it over the top of the mattress.
  • You will need to turn the mattress upside down, so you can zip up the other side.
  • Pull the mattress protection up and zip the bag up.
  • If using a polythene mattress protector bag you will need to tape it up at the end.
  • This will secure it and stop dirt or water getting inside the bag.

The Best Way To Move A Mattress

  • For this you will need 2 people
  • Be sure the walk way is clear, that you intend to move the mattress
  • Place the mattress into a landscape position, as this will make it easier to get the mattress up and down stairs, through door ways and tight gaps.
  • Use the handles, that are fitted to side of the mattress cover to make it easier to move.
  • Bend your knees, not you back when lifting the mattress
  • Lift the mattress slightly from the floor and now you can start the moving process.
  • When loading in to the removal truck, be sure to use a tail lift vehicle or a vehicle fitted with a ramp.

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