Our house removals company has provided you with the best step-by-step guide and tips on how to pack pictures for your house removals when moving house in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Packing your home safely and correctly is vital when moving home in Leamington Spa. Getting the right size, double wall moving boxes for your items and belongings could help save space when loading your removal vehicles. Today MnM Removals is going to list all the relevant information and tips on how to pack pictures for your house removals when moving house in Leamington Spa Warwickshire.

Wrapping your picture frames

  1. When buying your picture boxes be sure they are a bigger size, than the picture frame you want to box up. (Some boxes are adjustable in size).
  2. Take down all pictures that are on the walls and sides, one at a time.
  3. Lay out some bubble wrap on a flat surface, that is bigger than the picture frame, (the bubbles on the bubble wrap should be face down on the flat surface).
  4. Place the picture frame in the middle of the bubble wrap.
  5. To protect the picture frame you can also put foam corner protectors onto the picture frame and seal using packaging tape.
  6. Place another layer of bubble wrap over the  top of the picture.
  7. Taking one corner at a time, fold the bubble wrap over the picture frame, so you have a smooth edge and frame.
  8. Seal down the bubble wrap, to the back of the picture frame using sticky tape.
  9. Repeat this process for the other 3 corners of the picture frame.

Placing your picture frame into picture frame boxes

  1. One you are happy your picture frames have been wrapped properly, you can now place them into the picture frame boxes.
  2. Depending on what type of picture frame box you have will determine what instruction are used to assemble the picture boxes together.
  3. If your picture frame box is an adjustable one you will need to be sure the box is wide enough to fit the picture frame into.
  4. Place your picture frame on a flat surface, be sure that it is the right way up.
  5. Slowly start by putting the bottom of picture frame into the top of box .
  6. Once in the box you can use removal blankets to protect the middle of the picture frame whilst it is in the boxes.
  7. One you are happy that the picture frame is protected and secured in the picture frame box
  8. Seal the box using sticky packaging tape, be sure that its fragile tape that you use, to warn people who may move it.
  9. Once the picture frame and box have been taped up label the box with the contents and what rooms it should be put in at your new home.

Information and Tips

  1. Be careful handling glass and mirrors to avoid breaking them.
  2. When loading the removal vehicles keep all picture frame boxes in an upright position and keep them to one side.How to Pack Pictures for your House Removals when Moving House in Leamington Spa
  3. Never place boxes flat when loading the removal van.
  4. For bigger frames specialist picture frame boxes may be required.

Materials you will need

  1. Picture Boxes
  2. Marker Pen
  3. Bubble Wrap
  4. Sticky Tape
  5. Removal Blankets

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