Practical moving advice on how to prepare for house removal when moving home in Finchley, North London

Moving home can be a daunting task, especially when moving home in North, South, East and West London. Getting from one end of the city to another could take a few hours when traffic is busy. Our helpful guide on how to prepare for house removal when moving home in Finchley, North London, will help to ensure your move is completed successfully and efficiently.

How To Prepare For House Removal When Moving Home in Finchley

Request a home survey

A free home survey will help to ensure your moving company has the full details and information regarding your move. The survey will involve a full inventory of the furniture and items to be moved to the new home or destination.

Book in advance

Booking in advance will help to reassure you that your move is booked and taken care of. Booking your move at the last-minute may result in the best moving companies being fully booked.

Decide how much or how little help you’ll need

There is so much to consider when moving home, you will need to think of whether you will pack or request your moving company to complete the packing and dismantling for you.

Start packing 4 weeks before move

Giving your self time to complete your home packing will mean you will not need to rush or complete the whole lot in one day. Instead you can complete your home packing, packing a few boxes a day, while relaxing with a nice bottle of wine.

Moving with children

Children are more help than you think, if old enough let them pack and sort out their own room and personal belongings. Provide them colorful storage boxes and challenge them to complete their own packing, this will help them to feel reassured with the process of moving home.

Be firm with estate agents about new house keys

The main issues that people face when moving home in Finchley North London, is that the keys to the new home can take some time to arrive, if not hours to be released to the new home owner. Constantly check with your estate agents and solicitors that all contracts have been signed and monies have been transferred. If moving within a large chain, sometimes other home owners can cause delays with keys, if contracts have not been signed or monies have not been transferred on time.

To arrange your house removal in Finchley or North London