Expert advice for home movers on how to prepare fragile antiques and delicate items when moving house

[quote font=”georgia” font_style=”normal” color=”#000000″ bcolor=”#f48a00″ arrow=”yes”]You probably have spent a whole lot of money buying your most sentimental valuable antiques, ornaments and delicate items, that you never thought would have to be carefully wrapped, packed and placed into removal boxes. People move home for so many different reasons and have sentimental delicate antiques and fragile items that have been in the family for many years or passed down from generation to generation.[/quote]

Learning how to prepare fragile antiques and delicate items when moving house, will ensure they arrive to your new home without being damaged, which could prove to be costly. Follow our step by step guide, checklist and tips on how to prepare fragile antiques and delicate items when moving house for a smooth moving experience.

Welcome to the best tips when planning a home relocation on how to prepare fragile antiques and delicate items when moving house

As your antiques, ornaments and delicate furniture and items are so expensive, you will do what is necessary to ensure they are in the best of care and protected properly using the correct packaging materials. Our step by step guide and helpful tips on how to prepare fragile antiques and delicate items when moving house ,will provide you with the information you need to know, along with whether your antiques and delicate items are wrapped correctly.

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If you are moving antiques and delicate items yourself, you will need to have a professional (certified and licensed) antiques estimator who will be able to value your fragile antiques for what they are worth in the likely hood of an accident and something was damaged. Check that your home content insurance will cover you to the value of the antiques you are moving to your new home.

If hiring a professional house removals company, it is recommended that you locate a professional antiques estimator to give your valuable antiques a value. Once you have received a fair estimate for the value of your antiques, provide this to your moving company to see whether they can cater for this value of move or whether additional insurance can be added to cover the value of the antiques and delicate items you are moving to your new home. Many professional moving companies will have no issue providing insurance for your most expensive antiques and fragile furniture and items. Using your chosen moving company complete your move will ensure your home content insurance premiums are safe and protected.

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Tips-how to prepare fragile antiques and delicate items when moving house

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[icon type=”image” icon=”search” size=”24″ ]Quick Clean

Prior to your move give your valuable antiques a thorough clean, using the chemical free cleaning materials recommended by the manufacturers, this will help protect the antiques especially when being stored into storage for long periods of time.

[icon type=”image” icon=”search” size=”24″ ]Wrapping paper to use

When wrapping small antiques acid free tissue paper will be needed to ensure your collectible are not smeared or damaged.

[icon type=”image” icon=”search” size=”24″ ]How to wrap large antiques and delicate items

When wrapping larger antiques like grandfather clocks, artwork and picture frames, it is best to use bubble wrap first ensuring the entire antique is covered and then, using removal blankets cover the antique from top to bottom, be sure no part of the antique is exposed, then seal the removal blankets with tape. This will hold the removal blankets to the antique and stop it from falling off when being moved. Now you have to secure the antique using strong quality shrink-wrap, this is the final touch you antique needs to be moved safely and smoothly to its new home or destination, in the same condition as when it left.

[icon type=”image” icon=”search” size=”24″ ]How to wrap smaller items

If you have a lot of smaller antiques and delicate items this will take much longer to wrap than the bigger bulkier antique items, as each and every individual small antique must be wrapped and packed individually which can take some time for the task to be completed properly.

[icon type=”image” icon=”search” size=”24″ ]How many smaller antiques should i wrap at a time

Only ever get one valuable antique out at a time as having to many valuables out in one place could be a recipe for desater, wrapping  only one item at a time is the safest option when learning how to prepare fragile antiques and delicate items when moving house

[icon type=”image” icon=”search” size=”24″ ]What sort of boxes should i use

when packing fragile antiques such as china, you should only use hard plastic moving crates to place your small delicate antiques in. This is so that if another item hits the crate, the likely hood of damage being done to what is in side, is reduced.

[icon type=”image” icon=”search” size=”24″ ]What should i do with all my silverware

When wrapping silverware it is best to use acid free tissue paper and wrap each knife, spoon or fork individually. If you wanted you could leave all silverware in separate wooded, chest type boxes, this will help to protect the silverware when being exposed to air, which causes them to tarnish and can lead to corrosion.

[quote font=”georgia” font_style=”normal” color=”#000000″ bcolor=”#f48a00″]When planning a home relocation for your most expensive valuable antiques and household belonging, it is always best to seek professional advice and information from your chosen moving company, as this can save you time and money and a lot of worry and troubles in the long run.[/quote]

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