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When moving into a storage facility in Thrapston or Northamptonshire, whether that be a self storage unit or a container storage unit, it is very important to ensure that each & every item of furniture is correctly packed and boxed up. By packing your furniture you protect your belongings, ensuring they arrive at your destination in perfect condition, with no scuffs or tears. Packing your furniture and belongings will also use less storage space, which overall means lower storage costs.


Tips – How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving into Storage


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[icon icon=”question-sign” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″] Dust, Clean & Polish 

Before you start planning, preparing or boxing your items for storage, it is always a good idea to give them a proper clean first, especially when storing antique items or furniture of a high value. Dusting, cleaning and polishing your furniture, sofas, dining table, book shelves and cupboards will help to protect and preserve its natural colours and shines for however long you plan to keep them in storage for. For items like leather beds, sofas or antiques your manufacture or antique dealer should be able to provide a specialist cleaning product for your most sentimental and valuable items and furniture. Once all items are clean leave them to air out and dry naturally before packing other wise, moister and damp will build up and cause damage to the items especially wooden items.
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[icon icon=”thumbs-up” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″] Dismantle Larger Items

For larger items and furniture like beds, wardrobes, work stations, dining tables, american fridge freezers & dressers you may need to take apart to get them safely and comfortably out of your home without causing damage to your home or your furniture. When dismantling your furniture be sure to bag up all screws, nuts and bolts. It’s a good idea and makes life easier if you tape the bolts to each item you have dismantled, so you can easily reassemble when you take your items out of storage. Dismantling your larger items and furniture will make moving them much easier and stress-free. Please take note – Some furniture like Ikea wardrobes or similar are not made to be taken up and down to often, the wood they used is like chip wood and can easily be damaged if great care is not taken when putting them up or down.

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[icon icon=”question-sign” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″] Packing, Wrapping & Boxing

Packing your items and furniture for storage can be a stressful situation for some people, especially if you are storing your entire home and doing it your self. The key to packing your home successfully and without the hassle is to not pack every thing in just on day. Instead take your time, pack just 5 to 10 boxes per day. Choose a day to dismantle and wrap the dining table or book shelf, packing your home this way, providing you have the time is much more of an effective way of packing your home without the help of a moving company. When packing your items it’s not a good idea to put random items into the boxes, instead try packing all similar items into the same box, which makes the item easy to find and the box easy to label. Continue packing your home in the same fashion just be sure to have all items ready for when you need to store them. You may require some specialist packing materials, like wardrobe boxes or sofa covers for storing your best clothing and to protect the material of your sofa, sofas are big items that may need to be stood up on its side, so thick plastic sofa protectors are a must when moving sofas in to storage. Removal blankets are great way to provide extra protection for all items and furniture once loaded into the removal truck or hire vehicle. All furniture should be stored with removal blankets which will also help to keep them from getting scuffs, scrapes or scratches when stack on top of each other.
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[icon icon=”thumbs-up” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″ bg_color=”#000000″] Positioning & Placing Items Into Storage

Many people make the same mistakes when placing their items into self storage units and container storage units, by cramming as much furniture, belongings and items into the storage unit as they possibly can and this where items stored for a long time can cause damage to each other. It is always best to separate dirty items like garden furniture, plant pots and tools, away from your household furniture and belongings. In the long run renting an extra storage unit for £30 a month out ways, replacing a brand new leather sofa costing £1000. To pack your items safely into storage its best to start by stacking all book shelves so you can place as many removal boxes on the shelves as you can (this will save extra storage space). Then start by placing the heavy bulkier items like mattresses, sofas and cabinets against the boxes (this will stop the boxes from moving or falling). Standing the sofa up onto its side will save even more room, then place lighter items on top of the sofas, like cushions or quilt covers. On the other side place items like beds, wardrobes, chest of draws, lighter items again on top. Keep your storage unit neat and tidy, try to leave a little room between each item to allow for air to flow around your belongings. In the heat of the moment it is understandable why some people cram furniture into storage units after the cost they have already incurred for packaging materials, moving items into storage and storage deposits etc.
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