Guide to staging your property – How to prepare your home for sale in the current market, when moving home in the East Midlands

Trying to sell your home? We have provided some helpful tips on how to prepare your home for sale, this guide will help to inspire you and provide you with creative ideas, to get your home up to date and ready for sale on the local market and above your competitors. There are many ways on which you can maximize the selling potential of your property to new home buyers across the East Midlands and the UK.

The Best tips on how to prepare your home for sale and get new homebuyers through the door




This is a cheap alternative. Decluttering your home will help boost your selling potential. Clearing objects or furniture that do not need to be there, will help give the rooms in your home, a much more spacious feeling to the new home buyers viewing the property.

Many homebuyers viewing your home will find it hard to imagine there own belongings inside, if the property is not cleared correctly. All the homebuyers wants is to see is how the property would look with their furniture and belongings inside. This why it is important that you declutter, when planning how to prepare your home for sale.

Clearing the property of excess furniture shelves and other items, will give the homebuyers a clearer view of your home, increasing the potential of a selling the property.

When delcuttering or clearing your home for sale, try not to leave it so bare, that it looks empty, like a hotel. Give it a warm and personal feeling that the new homebuyers will feel welcomed as they open the door.

You may need to consider having your furniture placed in to storage, especially while your home is on the property market. Box up the kids toys and items lying around the house and place them in a self storage facility. Leaving nice features and ornaments like vases or a picture on the wall, that your potential buyers may like to see and can easily change.

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When decorating your home for sale it is best to decorate using neutral colours, as this will make the rooms seem much lighter and bigger. Remember this is the sale of your home, what colours might appeal to you, might not appeal to the buyers in the open property market. Using neutral colours will appeal to the masses and allow them to imagine their own colour scheme in each room.

Redecorating with the neutral colour scheme applies to carpets and furniture. This will help a lot, as the new homebuyers will not need to do anything but move in.

Selling your home using dark colors or rooms decorated to suit your own taste may put potential buyers off, as they will see nothing but work to be done.

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If your home has nice and stylish original tiled floor, use it as a selling feature of the property. Change any tiles that are broken and give the tiles a good clean. Aim to have all the original features within the property touch up so that they sparkle to a potential buyer.

Many buyers will buy a home based on the original features the property has. If you have any dark coloured carpets, its best to replace and go with a light coloured scheme.

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Sorting out those awkward repairs in your home that have been left for some years, can prove to be costly. But to get a sale for your home it is highly recommended that you carry out all repairs, especially those parts of the house that are exposed to the potential buyer.

Fix holes in the walls, doors and floors. Your buyers won’t want to buy a house that they have to spend too much on. So ensuring the major repairs are done to secure your chances of a sale.

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If your home has had the same bathroom and kitchen for many years, now is the time for an update. Many homebuyers can fall in love with a new designed bathroom or kitchen, compared to the old current one you may have. Spending your money on redesigning your bathroom and kitchen will add value to your property and will help to sell the property much easier and quicker.

A new kitchen work top, cupboards, sink basin, flooring and a touch of paint on the walls, is all that is needed to ensure your kitchen is up to date, new, clean and looking good for your potential buyers.

When redesigning your kitchen you want to go for a clean and neutral look. For example – With a lighter neutral bathroom you will be able to see how clean and warm it really is, where as darker colours may look a lot less warm and welcoming to the buyers first impressions. Keep reminding your self, you are doing this to sell your home.

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Garden, Garage & Sheds

When learning how to preparing your home for sale its easy to forget about the out doors feature of the property, like the garden, garage and sheds. You may need to seek professional help from your local gardener, especially if you have a large garden that is in need of clearing out, and cleaning up. Place plant pots around the garden and place the garden table and chairs out. This will give your garden a relaxing feeling for the buyer.

If you have a lot of things piled up in your shed or garage you will need to clear them. Place them in to storage and give the garage and sheds a tidy up. Leave the sheds and garages empty if possible the more space the better.

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Some people will like pets, but for the sake of selling your home it is best not to take the risk. Ask friends and family if they will be able to keep your pet, for the few hours while buyers are viewing your home. Some pets like wet dogs may leave smells. Try to eliminate these odours around the home when on show to buyers.

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Viewing your home to potential buyers

It is your estate agents job to sell your home. Once you have completed the above tasks on how to prepare your home for sale it is down to the estate agents to get potential homebuyers through the door. The East Midlands Region has seen a rise in the sale of properties by up to 2,78%, so your estate agents should have no worries getting buyers through the door.

Be vacant when your estate agents are showing the property to potential buyers. The estate agents will know exactly what to say to secure a sale or offer from the buyer.

How to prepare your home for sale


If you are planning on moving home in the East Midlands