Practical Guide & tips on Protecting furniture for removals –  How To Protect Furniture When Moving  House

There are many reasons as to why you need to protect your furniture when moving house as the last thing you need when moving home is damaged items or dirty finger prints all over your furniture. Whether you hire a removals company or complete the move your self packing and protecting your furniture can be a big task. Luckily the following guide on how to protect furniture when moving house will help to ensure your home furniture, belongings and items are correctly packed and ready for the movers on removals day.

Larger bulky furniture like sofas, beds, wardrobes, dining tables etc are much more difficult to pack than books, dvds and other smaller items, so you will need to give you self enough time to tackle those bigger pieces of furniture packing them so they arrive at the new home in perfect condition without any scuffs, scrapes or marks. The key to protecting your furniture when moving house is to ensure that any item smaller than a microwave is bubble wrapped and then placed into removal boxes. When packing your home 85% of your belongings should be boxed especially if you have expensive, delicate or sentimental valued items and furniture. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

When packing your home it is better to make a list of the items you wish to pack and take with you to the new home. You will need to make 3 lists GREEN for keeps, YELLOW for donate to charities & RED for recycling. The rest of the items you don’t wish to take and wish to donate or recycle you can arrange for a house clearance company to remove them for you.

How To Ensure Your Wardrobes Are Packed Safely

Many wardrobes are bulky in size and may need to be dismantled. Wardrobes come in all sizes 2 door, 3 door and 4 doors. To move your wardrobe safely it will need to first be dismantled in pieces, before wrapping each pice of the wardrobe using bubble wrap and moving blankets.

How To Pack & Protect Settees, Couches, Armchairs & Sofas When Moving Home

There are various packing materials for protecting your sofas, some are plastic covers that come in one seater two seaters and three seaters. The problem with using plastic is they can easily rip and tear if caught on nails in a wall. However they are a much basic and a cheaper option. The other option is to buy quilted sofa blanket covers that your sofa fits inside and is zipped up to keep your  sofa from getting dirty, wet or damaged. When protecting sofas for your move you will first need to remove all cushions placing them into a box and remove the backs if they can be dismantled as this will make getting the sofa out the house much easier. You will need to remember to remove the legs and pack them into a different box.

How To Pack White Goods For House Moves

The best and most easiest way to pack your white goods is to use its original box and packaging. If this is not possible then bubble wrap or quilted covers for white goods will be just fine. If using bubble wrap you will need scissors and tape. Start from the top of the appliance and wrap the bubble wrap around the item, working you way down to the button. Be sure no part of the appliance is exposed if in doubt use more bubble wrap until each item of kitchen furniture is safely protected and wrapped.

How To Pack Chest Of Draws & Bulky Cupboards For Your Move

Chest of draws will need to be protected when moving house as they have a lot of weight and can easily get damaged when moving them around the house. To ensure your chest of draws, cupboards and bedside tables are protected you will need to either use bubble wrap, foam wrap or quilted cover. Quilted covers are much easier to use as they just fit over the item, but they are much more expensive than using bubble wrap which is easily available. If using bubble wrap or foam wrap you may want to purchase some corner protectors as this adds extra cushioning and protection to sharpe surfaces and stops your furniture and items from getting damaged. If your chest of draws and cupboards are very heavy you may need to remove the draws or the shelves to lighten the load and make it easier for the movers when moving them. Wrap each draw and shelve using bubble wrap of foam wrap.

How To Pack & Protect Dining Table & Chairs For House Removals

Dinning tables are bulky and 9 times out of 10 they will need to be dismantled before they can be moved out of the house. You will need to remove all the legs wrapping them in bubble wrap. Again you can buy quilted covers in various sizes to cover the surface of your table and chairs. If quilted covers are not to hand, the next best packaging materials to use will be foam wrap. You may need to purchase corner protectors to protect the sides of table top when placing it down. When packing the chairs for your dinning table wrap bubble wrap around the legs and work your way up to the top of the chair. If using bubble wrap or foam wrap once your items have been loaded into the removal truck you can then use removal blankets which add extra protection for your furniture when in transit.

How To Pack A TV When Moving House

When packing a TV its is best if you have the original TV box. If not you can use bubble warp, foam wrap or you can purchase specialist TV boxes from your local removals company. You will need to wrap the TV and protect the corners before placing it into a box. Removal blankets can be used to cushion the sides, the top and the button of the box adding further protection for your TV.

Find All The Packaging Materials You Will Need When packing & Protecting your Bulky furniture When Moving House

Bubble Wrap

bubble wrap for moving house

Bubble Wrap For Moving House

Bubble wrap is a great packing material. It is cheap, cheerful and very easy to use. It comes in various sizes and with small or large bubbles rippled through out.

Shrink Wrap


Shrink Wrap For-Moving House

Shrink wrap can be used to wrap any item in your home. You can use shrink wrap to cover and seal any size of furniture, including beds, wardrobes, pianos, dining tables etc. With its sticky surface shrink wrap stick to the furniture hold it tight and secure. When using shrink wrap start from the top and work your way down. Be sure all surfaces of the furniture is covered. If in doubt use more shrink wrap.

Removal Blankets

Removal Blankets For Moving House

Removal Blankets For Moving House

Removals blankets are a removal companies best friend as they add protection to your furniture and they are easy to use. Removal blankets are excellent for keeping items safe, like leather, wood, pictures, mirrors and and most fragile items and furniture. Removal blankets are proven to add better protection for nearly all of your household furniture, belongings and items. You can use as many as you need to ensure your furniture is protected safely for your move.

Packing Tape

Packing tape is easy to get and easy to use. You will need packing to tape up and secure nearly all of your household items and furniture. For packing removal boxes you will need need strong dural tape that will not come aprat rom the box easily. You can purchase different colours, sizes and designs of tape. Fragile tape for kitchen and fragile goods and brown tape for none fragile items. Try to purchase a few rolls of  packing tape that doesn’t leave marks on to your furniture and is a little less stronger the the tape you would use for packing boxes.

Sheets of corrugated cardboard

corrugated-cardboard-boxes for moving house

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes For Moving House

Sheets of corrugated cardboard adds protection for many items and furniture within your home. You can use it to cover and protect large pictures and frames, TV screen, glass or wood dinning table, smooth surfaces and much more. Corrugated cardboard sheets is a great packing material to use when moving home.

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