How to protect your mattress when moving house the simple way

Thinking of buying a mattress? Mattresses are big, bulky, awkward to carry and can easily get dirty, when moving house to your new home. Some mattresses can be extremely heavy to lift, hold or carry and you may need to place your mattress on the floor a few times while moving the mattresses to the removal vehicle. As your mattress is some thing you sleep on you will want to be sure it is kept clean. Following our simple step by step guide on how to protect your mattress when moving house will ensure your mattress is not scuffed, damaged or dirty, when it arrives at your new home.

Items you will need 

Shrink wrap

How to protect your mattress when moving house – step by step guide

  • Be sure you have enough room and space to wrap the mattress safely
  • When wrapping your mattress you may need two people, one to hold the mattress and one to wrap the mattress
  • Stand the mattress up, length ways,
  • Using strong durable shrink-wrap start from the top corner of the mattress,
  • Stretch the shrink-wrap across the top of the mattress and round to the opposite side
  • Be sure there are no gaps and the mattress is not exposed at all
  • Continue using the shrink until both sides of the mattress is completely covered
  • Rotate the mattress round, to be sure it is fully protected
  • If required a further layer of shrink-wrap, please use it, this will help keep your mattress clean and tidy at all times during the moving process

Other methods on how to protect your mattress when moving to your new home

There are many modern ways of how to protect your mattress when moving home a few of theses we have listed below

Plastic mattress protectors – are reusable and can be used to keep your mattress clean and tidy. They are simply placed over the mattress just like putting on the bed sheets.

Padded mattress protectors – are more expensive and are normally used by professional removals and storage companies. They are easy to place the mattress inside by unzipping the mattress protector and putting the mattress in the middle and zip back up again.

Both of these items above are more expensive per item, where as when using shrink-wrap you still have the protection your mattress needs and you can use the shrink-wrap to wrap multiple mattresses, saving you money on your packaging materials.

If you are planning on moving house and doing the packing on your own, seek professional advice, as this can save you time and money in the long run

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