How to pack your self storage space – Need to know how to load a self storage unit or storage container in Market Bosworth Leicestershire

Whether you are a residential customer or business client storing items into storage you will want them to be in the same condition when you get them out as they were when you originally put them in. When placing your entire furniture and belongings into storage you will need to be sure that they are packed accordingly to avoid the furniture getting damaged or dirty. The following tips and advice on the best way of how to load a self storage unit or storage container in Market Bosworth Leicetsershire will help to ensure your items are carefully stored.

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The Perfect Guide On How To Safely Load A Self Storage Unit Or Storage Container

1. Make a plan of how to load a self storage unit or storage container, decide which item you will load next or which item is safe to be stacked high up. Loading a self storage unit or storage container is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.

2. Choose the best self storage size and type for your furniture and belongings. It may be better to get a bigger storage room just to be sure that every thing will fit inside. Its better to have a lot more storage space, than not enough.

3. Be sure all boxes are taped up. Boxes that have items sticking out the top will only use more space, as they are a lot harder to place on top of each other. Taping the boxes means you will be able to stack the boxes in a line and up high saving space.

4. Start by placing boxes into the storage unit first. Place the heavier boxes on to the floor and stack lighter boxes on top. 80% of your items and belonging should be boxed, so once the boxes are out the way, you will just need to load bulky furniture, bags and kitchen goods.

5. Place larger items like wardrobes against the boxes, this will help to add support for the boxes and stop any leaning. Protect the furniture using removal blankets, then place other light furniture or light suit cases on top.

6. Fill the gaps with soft materials like cushions, quit covers, blankets or bags of clothes, this will help to secure the furniture making sure it does not move or fall over.

7. All beds should be dismantled, be sure all nuts, bolts and screws are taped to the bed. This will make life easy when it comes to putting your items back together.

8. Try to leave a space or aisle for you to enter into your self storage unit or storage container if possible, this will make it easier for you if you need to attend the storage to collect a few boxes or items. If unable to leave an aisle in the middle to walk down, then just leave the items you’ll need the most at the front.

9. Label all boxes with the contents, this will help to identify what is in the boxes for easier access.

10. Load the items and furniture that you will not need at the back and the items you may need access to at the front of the storage unit.

11. Maximize your self storage space, use items like wardrobes to stack boxes inside them.

12. When placing your sofa, depending on the size of the storage room and the size of the sofa, will depend whether the sofa will need to be stood up on its side to save room or be laid normally, which will take up a lot more room. Placing heavy items on top of the sofa will cause creases and scuffs.

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How To Safely Load A Self Storage Unit Or Storage container

How To Safely Load A Self Storage Unit Or Storage Container

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