Moving house follow our money-saving tips on how to save money on house removal expenses when moving home in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Are you moving home Dunstable, Luton or Stevenage! Or hiring a professional house removals company? If so we have the perfect guide to help keep those house removal costs to minimum when relocating to your new home and destination. Thinking of how to save money on house removal expenses when moving home Dunstable, Luton or Stevenage will ensure your move is a success and carried out within your budget and needs, saving you a lot of money and time in the long run.

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Booking In Advance

When moving home is highly recommended that you book your move in advance. Some house removal companies may be able to offer a discounted rate if your move is booked during the quite times. Booking in advance will help to save disappointment, as moving companies can get fully booked very quickly, aim to have your removal date secured as soon as you are aware you are moving home.

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Purchasing Removal Boxes

Some times when hiring a moving company, it is best to ask them if they will supply you used removal boxes. These boxes would have been used by a previous customer making then cheaper to buy. Some companies may hire you the boxes and take them back once you have unpacked and the move is completed. The other alternative people use for boxes are crisp boxes or banana boxes, these can be fine for some items, but for others you will need to purchase double wall removal boxes that are idea for packing your home belongings and items safely.

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Changing Suppliers

When moving home you will 9 times out of 10 need to change your gas, electric, broadband, phone, and tv providers or have the services connected within your new home. Shopping around for the best providers and rates will help to keep the costs down, so you can start saving, not only for your move, but also in the long-term.

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Ask For Help

Asking close friends and family to lend a helping hand will help to cut those moving costs dramatically. Friends and family can help with the cleaning of the new and old home, packing and unpacking and also redesigning the layout of your new home. This will save you forking out on house cleaning services, packing / unpacking services and much more. Doing as much of the work your self, will help keep your house removal costs low. Decide what you can and can’t do and then decide what your removal company will do for you.

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Have A Clear Out

Many house removal companies will offer a full or part house clearance service. This will help to reduce the amount of items you have to be moved. When choosing a house clearance service it is best to donate all your old, unwanted items to your local charities. Your house clearance is designed to cut the costs of your move and cut the clutter entering your new home premises. Many people sell their old furniture and items at car boots or organize their very own garage sale, selling every thing from books, clothes, old toys and much more.

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Moving On Fridays

Moving companies busiest day in the UK is a Friday. When moving on a Friday you are likely to be charge more money. This is because Fridays are the estate agents busiest days and they sometimes have multiple clients to deal with, that all have contracts to be signed or monies to be transfered, this especially happens when moving in a big chain. Moving on a Friday, especially at the end of the month can be a night mare for some home movers, this is as the estate agents promise the new home keys will be released at a certain time frame, usually around the 2 o clock mark, removal companies and home movers can find themselves waiting for house keys gone 3 sometimes 4 0r 5 o clock in the worst case scenario. This can occur extra charges for home movers as moving companies often charge for waiting times. We recommend being firm with your estate agents as to when you will receive your new home keys.

How To Save Money On House Removal Expenses When Moving Home

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