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The most important and valuable asset in a persons life is their home, the key factor that a lot of people take into account when looking at or buying a property is how long has it been for sale in the current market. Your home is only new to the market if it has been advertised just the one time, its always best to make sure your property is advertised professionally resulting in a quick and efficient sale.

How to sell a property

How to sell a property

You will have many ways of marketing and how to sell a property, some people prefer to sell them selves or put the property through the auctions, it all depends on your individual circumstances and how soon you want to sell the property, and how much of the work that you are prepared to complete yourself. The most modern and common way of selling your home is to list it with an estate agents. Spend quality time when choosing your estate agents, as this could make all the difference when selling your home this could be the most complex decision you will have make, to ensure your home is sold for the highest selling price, so its best to choose the right estate agent carefully.

Learning how to sell a property or home privately is possibly an expensive and very risky task and should always be approached with caution, before completing any deals or signing contracts it is best to seek professional legal advice. When selling your home privately you are choosing to opt out of the security that comes with using estate agents and  such as expert knowledge when selling your home, along with the legal expertise provided through the property solicitors.

Good estate agents should:

  • Value the property and provide you with a valuation of what your property is worth.
  • Arrange a legally required assessor to provide you with a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
  • Market your property to the highest potential.
  • Neogosiate offers when dealing with potential buyers.
  • Conveyancing and surveying advice.
  • Complete the whole transactions process from start to finesh.


Most Estate Agents charges are calculated by the percentages of the selling price of your property, prices will differ depending on which agents you decide to go with.

Additional fees maybe payable: 

  • Advertising.
  • property layout (rooms,  floors).
  • V.A.T.

Upon choosing your estate agents make sure the provide you with a official agreement in writing for charges and for standing in for you. When considering your agents its not always a good idea to go with the cheapest fees, you should also check that they have:

  • Good prof of their local success.
  • The local reputation with previous property owners.
  • Which types of properties they specialize in marketing.
  • Agents expertise.
  • The areas they market (  estate marketing in just one area slims the chance of rapid sale).
  • The methods used to market your property.
  • How quick they respond to potential buyers.
  • How positive they are that they can sell your type property.

When you are happy that your estate agents tick all the boxes, you will need to decide on what you would like them to do:

  • Sole agency- one will take full responsibilty in the sale and will only take commission once property is sold
  • Sole selling rights – one agent will take care of the sale of the property you may be obliged to pay commission once contracts have exchanged hands and a buyer has been located.
  • Multiple agency- two or three agents will take responsibility for the sale seperatly, you will only pay commission to the estate agents that actually sell the property you will be expected to pay higher commission for this agreement.
  • Joint agency- you will have two agents marketing your home for sale. When your home is sold they will share the commission.

When recieving a property apprisal it is best to consider:

  • The valuation receiving the highest valuation does not mean it is the best one, some agents will rope you in by giving your property a high valuation, a property put on the market for a high value may be harder to sell. Always check with the agents to see how they have actually came up with the valuation and what they put into consideration when making the valuation.
  • The valuation should take into account your personal information, especially if you need to sell quickly.
  • Ready to sell.
  • Having your property prepared for sale is essential for getting the highest price best impressions are vital so make sure your home or property is in the best possible condition to help you to achieve the asking price you are looking for.

The outside view to preparing your property:

  • It is best to ensure that windows are painted if it is needed.
  • The garden is where most people like to spend a lot of time in a new home so ensure that it is clean and welcoming.
  • Make sure little things like the door bell works and gates close properly.
  • Make sure you remember to keep rubbish and litter away when people come to view your property.
How to sell a property

How to sell a property

The inside view to preparing your property:

  • Hoover, wash floors, and dust the property.
  • If needed you may need to give your home that fresh look again, sop some decorating and patching of the walls may need to completed.
  • It is best to use a storage facility to de-clutter the property giving it a spacious feel.
  • Clear all unwanted odours like smoke smell and pet odours.

These efforts may require some hard work but this is essential to getting the right asking price you are after.

Listing your property on the Market: 

  • Your chosen agents should contact other neogtiators, put your property on show in the agents window and pass your details through to other agents.
  • Your agents should already have a list of potential buyers in the local area.  The agents will send by post details of the property with its price guide, which could help speed up the process of sale.
  • Your agent will have details of a misdriscription act for the property, these tools will shine light on the property making it be seen in a positive way to the potential buyer.
  • Your agents will list you onto their website and all major portals.
  • You will be given a marketing board, which will advertise your property, most enquiries are made direct.

Get the best from your viewings:

  • When arranging a viewing of the property ensure that it is clean and fresh.
  • Be kind and friendly, offer them a cup of coffee, but remember not to be to pushy as your buyer may think you are desperate to sell.
  • Stay calm and be positive, show them all the positive aspects of the property, and the best parts of the home.
  • Let your agents do all the talking as they are experts in this field and have all the right reponses to push a sale.
  • Leave the potential buyer to roam the property freely, let them know you are there if they need to ask yo something, this will make them feel like they have had a good inspection of the property.


  • Even though your agents take care of the selling side of the property you will sill need to make sure that you.
  • Stay in close contact with the estate agents regularlyto discuss your pricing arrangements.
  • Understanding your buyers position, whether they want to buy asap, with cash etc.
  • Never sell your property for a price you are not fully happy with.

Accepted an offer: 

  • Once you have excepted an offer if you have not told the estate agents do so right away, you should also inform a property solicitor.
  • Your estate agents will gather the details from you and the buyers solicitor and pass the details of the sale to all other parties.

Conveyance and Completion

Whether you are buying or selling a property on the U.K market it is best to enroll the help of  a specialist property lawyer. This is known as the legal process of conveyance.

Your solicitor should:

  • Have copies of the properties title deeds.
  • Have a contract prepared.
  • Provide copies of the deeds and contract to the buyers lawyers.
  • Help you to answer any questions that may come up.
  • Aquire the mortgage redemption figures from your lender.
  • Agree a moving completion date with your buyers solicitors.
  • Agree a fixed date for completion and exchange contracts.
  • Complete the sale and receive the proceeds on your behalf, hand over all relevant paperwork and arrange your estate agents fees.

Completion is not legal until the outstanding balance of purchase is transferred from the buyers solicitors to the vendors solicitor. The buyer can then receive the property keys and deeds.

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