Helpful Tips To Ensure You Can To Settle Comfortably In To Your New Home

Moving to a new home is fun and exciting. Starting over in new place provides a fresh start and gives an overwhelming feeling that makes us feel good inside. With the relocation successfully completed, finally you and your family can move into your new home. Now is the time to set up your new home, exactly how you would like it. This article on How To Settle After Moving In To Your First Home? will ensure that no stone is left unturned. It explains the good things you can do and what you need to be aware of when moving home.

Before You Move In?

Do a full safety check and inspection of your new home as soon as you are in. Make sure it is safe, secured and exactly as it should be. If you have brought furniture or items from the previous owner, be sure they are there. Check all doors, locks, windows, lighting and heating are working correctly. Make sure you have access to all the new house keys, window keys and garage door keys. If the previous owner has not full filled their part of the deal, notify your estate agents right away and provide photos or videos as your proof and evidence. The last thing you need when moving home for the first time is to replace a boiler thats not working or a cracked window thats letting water in. This means you will be paying out of your own pocket for replacements. A thorough walk around of the outside and inside of the house will confirm any damages or major issues you were unaware of.

Give Your New Home An Expert Clean From Top To Bottom

When moving to a new home its essential that you give it a full clean from top to bottom. Especially when moving during the pandemic Covid-19. Ideally you will want to give your home a full clean prior to actually moving in. But, if that is not possible a full clean will have to be conducted once you have moved into your new home. Cleaning your home can be relaxing and enjoyable. A clean, tidy and fresh house will make it feel more like home and will help you to settle in more quickly.

How To Make Your New Home Child Proof & Pet Friendly?

Children and pets can be excited to see the new home too. They will want to start exploring room after room as soon as they are put down. The thing is, when moving to a new home you want to make sure that there is nothing that is going to harm or danger your child or pets. Listed below are the important things to be aware of and the best things you can do to make your new home fully child proof and pet friendly.

  • Give your children a room in the house or play area that is free of harmful objects and sharp corners. This can be their escape room away from mum and dad, where they can play with their toys and teddies, with out you having to worry every minute if they are ok. Lay down padded matts in the play area. Place them on hard floor and even carpeted surfaces for extra protection.
  • Put stair gates up in no go areas around your new home. Corner-off places you do not want your children or pets to walk or go freely.
  • Be sure all fixtures and fittings such as large book shelves, pictures and tv’s are properly secured to the walls.
  • Check all windows have a child locks fitted to them. Especially for the upstairs windows. If your windows are not safe and secure. Fit a short cable or lock to the window right away. This reduces the amount the window can open.
  • Keep all electrical cables and wires stowed away safely and out of reach of children and pets. Many pets that are left at home, will chew through the cables. So please double check on these things as soon as you move in to your new home.
  • Curtains and blinds can also be a danger. They have pull cords, and string hanging that can cause real dangers and concerns, especially to children and pets if not supervised. If your curtains or blinds have cords, replace these for more child proof and pet friendly ones right away.
  • Washing machines can be a danger to children and pets. Pets like cats tend to jump in to them and children are just fascinated by the washing machine itself, playing with knobs and switches. However you can now purchase child friendly washing machines, that comes equipped with safety locks, that stops wondering kids from opening the washer door.

Check Your New Home For Pest Like Mice

Before unpacking your moving boxes of food, and bulky items, call in a pest control, to complete a thorough check of your new home for signs of mice or rodents. They will be able to lay traps inside and out and make your home mice and rodent free. This will bring a great relief and will help you to settle and sleep well with in your new home.

The Master Bedroom Should Be Your Haven

The bedroom is the room where you will spend a lot of time asleep, chilling out and relaxing. The day you move in, you will want to get your beds and bedrooms quickly up to a cosy feel. Fresh clean bed sheets, pillows and cushions will help to add a cosy feel to your bedroom straight away. Adding a photo mirror and bedside lighting will transform the look and feel. Making your bedroom feel warm and welcoming. Once you have created that modern and cosy feel for your families bedrooms, you can then start on making the rest of the house feel more like home.

Decorating Your New Home

Decorating is not for everyone, depending on the size of the house, painting, wall papering and can take time. But there are many other ways you can decorate your new home, by adding expensive couches, beautiful paintings or pictures. The best thing to do when painting you’re home, is to decorate a room at a time. Pick soothing colours to redecorate your new home with. Choose paints, wallpaper, fixtures and fittings, that lighten up the room and bring it to life. Plants, lights and fancy rugs, help to make your home stand out and give it that wow factor.

Tour Your New Area & Meet The Locals

Taking walks in your new area, will help you and your family to settle in to your home and surrounding more quickly. Walking the dog, visiting parks, museums, local shops, attractions and restaurants, will help you and children to meet new friends and people that live close by. If moving with no children or family. It can be lonely living alone. So getting social and finding out what attractions, bars and night clubs are in your area. Will help to keep your mind focused and at ease with living in your new area. Having family, a new group of friends or work colleagues you can socialise with after work or on weekends, helps to make time fly.

Arrange A Party Or A Gathering At Your New Home

The reason why you should have a party or a get together in your new flat. Is to celebrate a new life in your home. New adventures and looking ahead towards the future and reminiscing on the old times, you and your family and friends have had in the old home. This is also a great time to meet your new neighbours and invite them around to join the get together. If they have children of a similar age, they can play and become best of friends. This helps so much when trying to settle down in to a new home and area with your family for the first time. Ask questions and get ideas from friends and family on how you should turn your house in to a loving home. The more ideas the better.

Moving house from A to B and trying to settle in to a new home is not by any means an easy task. It has its ups and downs. A reputable home moving company will ensure you and your family are relocated safely to the new home. Now, the rest is down to you, to try and turn your house in to a real home. This article was created to give you the best information on How To Settle After Moving In To First Home? If you are moving house or would like to add, any helpful solutions to this post please get in touch.