How To Take Down A Bed Frame When Moving Home

  1. Purchase Mattress Covers or Protectors
  2. Remove & Cover The Mattress Using The Protectors
  3. Unscrew all The Slats From The Bed
  4. Unbolt The Headboard & The Foot End Of The Bed
  5. Secure All Nuts & Bolts.
  6. Wrap The Bed Frame Using Removal Blankets

Purchase Mattress Protectors & Covers

When moving a bed from one location to another. It is vital that you buy mattress protectors. They will help to keep your mattress clean, dry and stop it from getting dirty or damaged when being moved. Replacing a mattress, can be a lot more costly. It is always better to purchase a mattress protector for £5. Rather than pay out, £100’s for a new mattress.

How To Take Down A Bed Frame When Moving

Remove The Mattress & Cover Using Mattress Protectors

The next step you will need to take when dismantling a bed frame, is to cover the mattress. You may need 2 people top complete this task. Depending on the size of the Bed and Mattress. Cover the whole mattress and seal using strong tape. This will insure the mattress is protected. There are different types of mattress protectors on the market. You will need to chose one that meet your needs and requirements.

Unscrew all The Slats From The Bed Frame

Now, you will need a screw driver or small drill. This will enable you to remove the slats from across the base of the bed frame. The slats are connected to the bed frame in a horizontal position. You will have roughly 10 or more slats fitted. Once removed. You will be able to work from the inside of the bed frame to disconnect the headboard and footboard. Secure all screws in a small bag and tape all slats together. So nothing is lost when moving the bed frame.

Unbolt The Headboard & The Foot End Of The Bed

You will have 4 pieces of the bed frame left to be dismantled. Now is the time, to take down the headboard and footboard of the bed frame. For this task you may need an Allen key or spanner, which depends on how your bed frame is designed. You will have screws or bolts in the 4 corners of the bed frame. Remove all bolts. One side at a time. You may require a second person to hold the bed frame while disconnecting.

Secure All Nuts & Bolts.

You will need to secure all the bolts and screws for the bed frame in to a bag. Secure the bag on to the bed frame using tape. So you can find them easily once you arrive at the new destination.

How To Take Down A Bed Frame When Moving

Wrap The Bed Frame Using Removal Blankets

And Finally! Wrap each bed frame using strong quilted removal blankets. This will help to stop them getting marks or getting damaged when being moved. Wrap all the bed frame and secure using rope or tape to stop the removal blankets from opening. Only once you have completed the above steps on how to take down a bed frame when moving will your bed be ready for transportation.

Moving Home? Taking Down Your Bed Frame

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