Practical advice for Keeping your valuables safe when Moving House in Leicestershire

Keeping your valuables safe when moving home in Leicestershire is an important part of your move. All removal companies will do their up most best to ensure your belongings are safe. However the possibility of having some of your property stolen during your move can happen if you’re not proactive, prepared and protected.

There are some special items that just aren’t safe to load onto your moving truck, regardless of the movers local reputation or your comfort level.

Some of the items you should NOT put onto the removal truck include: 


Gold, Silver, Gems and any other precious jewelry should always be carried with you in your personal luggage. There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to keeping your valuables safe when moving house in Leicestershire.

[icon icon=”check” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]If you have lots of precious jewelry in the house, make sure it is insured.
[icon icon=”check” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]If you are moving more than 50 miles you may want to contact a local bank to arrange a safe deposit box.
[icon icon=”check” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Place your valuable items in this box for safe keeping during your move, it is better to be safe than sorry. If  you are not comfortable moving them or travelling with these items, there are a number of firms that specialize in transporting valuables.

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mobile phoneElectrical devices:

Be cautious with electrical devices. Items such as mobile phones, i pods, i pads and other small laptops, note books and all other electrical equipment should be carried with you. If you do need to put these items onto the removal van, keep them together in a lockable secure box. Always make a list of any electricals you put into the van.

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oie_bbjtuxwtrsjzPersonal/Financial Info:

Identity theft and fraud are one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK at the moment. You should NEVER pack your personal documents onto the removal van. Important documents will include:

[icon icon=”check” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Passports
[icon icon=”check” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Driving license/ car documents
[icon icon=”check” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Bank statements/letters
[icon icon=”check” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Any other documents that hold personal info such as bank details, date of birth, national insurance numbers.

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Be prepared for your house removal in Leicester

Being proactive, prepared and protected during your move will go along way towards keeping your valuables safe when moving house in Leicestershire. You may need to make extra effort, but it’s worth it to prevent any issues on your move day. When you arrive to your new place, it’s best to locate one cupboard or room without windows and with a good door lock and place all of these valuables behind a locked and closed door during your move. This way, it take the temptation out of the process and you’’l be glad after the move that you’ll have you property safe and sound in the comfort of your new home!

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