What’s the difference between man & van vs house removals Leicester

Our moving guide on man & van vs house removals Leicester will help you to determine which type of removal companies are best for your specific needs and requirements. You have been searching with your estate agents for your dream home for some time, you have finally set your heart on the home for you and your family. You will now need to decide on the best way to locate your furniture and what type of local removal firm to choose from to arrange your big day when moving in to your new home. Choosing the perfect removal firm can be a tricky and complex decision to make.

There are mainly two types of furniture removal companies in Leicester that cover home-to-home relocation’s within Leicester and Leicestershire, these are man and van companies and house removal companies.

Man & Van vs House Removals Leicester

What is best for you & your family man & van vs house removals Leicester

Depending on your exact needs and requirements, for example the size of your property, the volume of furniture to be moved, the distance of your move, the additional services your move may require, all of these are just a few factors that will determine the type of furniture removals company you’ll require for your move.


Many house removal companies in Leicester will often own a fleet of larger removal trucks that come fully equipped with the latest moving equipment, removal blankets and removal boxes, that customers can purchase during their move if needed. Many larger house removal companies in Leicester will be able to provide removal trucks that will be able to move a 5-6 bedroom house all in one go.

For a professional house removals company in Leicester and Leicestershire to be able to operate larger removal vehicles over the size of 3.5 tonnes, 7.5 tonne and 18 tonne, they will need to employee removal drivers that hold a category C on their driving licence, along with a Driver CPC certificate which stands for The driver Certificate Of Professional Competence.

There are many man & van removal companies in Leicester that operate with smaller vehicles, these can often struggle to cope with a full house removal, and may often need to repeat trips to get the job done. However the man & van type of vehicles are perfect for smaller furniture removals in Leicester. These types of vehicles can easily load any thing from a bed sit, flat or a one- two bedroom apartment.

The clients that usually tend to use man & van removal services are:

 Man & Van vs House Removals Leicester

Students will tend to use a man & van removal company as they usually move from within the student residence or from a shared property, so they normally have little volume of furniture to be moved. Man & van services are also perfect for small one-off deliveries and collections. Some man & van companies operate their services to some of the biggest organisations in Leicester. Some of these organisations include schools, courier companies, councils and other government bodies in Leicester.

Man and van services range from collections and deliveries for local furniture stores or collections for customers buying from B&Q, Ebay, Gum tree or from friends and family. Man & van tend to move people moving from 1-2 or even 3 bedroom houses, but extra trips will be likely. If you have the new home owner waiting to move in to your home, with their removals company, then completing extra trips could prove to be a burden on your move. However if you have time and are moving a few streets away then extra trips may suit your needs and requirements.

Clients that tend to hire a larger moving company

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Many clients that prefer to use a professional moving company in Leicester will have a large volume of furniture to be moved, by the company. These properties tend to range from a 2 bedroom house up to a 6 bedroom house or even a mansion property, that holds valuable, expensive or even sentimental valued items, furniture and belongings. When choosing a professional house removals company Leicester you will provided a free home survey, free move coordinator, 18 tonne removal truck (if required) an experienced and qualified team of movers and packers. Basically every thing from the finest details of your move will be looked at thoroughly when using a house removals company Leicester.

These few words above sum up one of the important difference between man van vs house removals Leicester, where as many man & van companies will just not have the facilities in place to compete with home moves of this size and structure

Many larger corporations or businesses will tend to use a larger house removals company to carry out there office move or business relocation. This is as many house removals company will be able to provide larger vehicles, that are equipped with crates, blankets and moving equipment, a larger moving and packing team, a personal move consultant, who will help plan and organise your office or home move from start to end.

Man & Van Pricing


There are great differences between the price of a man & van company and that of a house removals company. Man and van companies tend to charge their customers by the hour. The price can differ per hour depending on the how many man and van furniture removal men you’ll require to complete your move.

As many man & van companies charge by the hour, you will never really know how much your move will cost by the end of the working day. This payment method, tends to make some man & van companies drag their feet a little, to help boost up the costs of your move.

When choosing this type of payment method for your move, it is best to complete as much of the move yourself, to help keep moving cost to minimum, as they can easily spiral out of control, especially when living in cities like London or moving long distance.

It can take up to 2.5 hours to travel up to 100 miles, these are extra cost customers will have to pay on top of the fuel charges. Which could mean the final price paid for your move, could be not that far off from that of a professional house removals company.

Example of what Man and van companies can charge:

House Removal Pricing

Man & Van vs House Removals Leicester

When choosing a house removals company you will usually be provided a contract and quotation. Your quotation will be a set price figure, estimated by your home survey. Your house removals quotation will include all the removal services to be completed, whether that be a home packing service, dismantling service or unpacking service.

As house removal companies provide a set price for your move, this will help you plan and save for the move as you will know way in advance the actual cost of your move. Many moving companies will claim to provide you with free removal boxes or say they can do your move 4 to £500 cheaper, than other removal companies in Leicester. We would always recommend that our customers stay well clear of these types of companies.

If you do decide to choose a company that offers a cheaper removals quote, do your home work, speak to friends and family, they may have heard of the company or even used them before, check removal companies online to see if they have a website, address and direct contact numbers.

Is it best to use a bigger house removals company

This is not always the case, nowadays you see a lot smaller removal man and van companies on the road than we use to a few years ago. This is because some man & van companies have become very popular offering services to other major organisation across the country.

We’ll let you decide. If you require a man & van or house removals Leicester, we are always here to accommodate and move all our customers that use our removal services, big or small.

Man & Van vs House Removals Leicester

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