Moving from a house to a flat

How to downsize when moving from a house to a flat


If you are moving from a house to a flat you may need to downsize and possibly invest in storage space for any excess items you no longer have room for. 

Moving to a flat is an ideal way to downsize and save money on your mortgage.

Moving to a flat can help you save money for a new home.

Moving to a flat will save you money on utility bills.

Now is a good time to throw away or donate any belongings you no longer use.
Throw out any clothes that no longer fit or you don’t wear.
Consider donating larger pieces of furniture to charity.
If you are temporarily downsizing then you should consider renting a storage space for the items you want to keep.


When downsizing, you can save money by renting a smaller moving van if you have thrown out or donated unnecessary items and furniture beforehand. If you’re placing a large majority of your items in storage, you will need to rent a larger moving van for this purpose.