House Removal Tips For Moving Home Bedfordshire 

Here you find you’ll find the best tips when moving home Bedfordshire. Our unique tips will help you to stay one step ahead of your house removals in Bedfordshire. When moving home Bedfordshire, you want to ensure that your most precious, delicate and fragile items of furniture are packed and protected.

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Have a stress free house removals when using our tips for moving home Bedfordshire

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 Be Organised

Make a schedule of the important things you’ll need to do and complete, on the run up to your removals and packing day. As soon as you know you’ll be moving home start to prepare for the big day ahead. Make a list of what you are taking with you and what you no longer need. Try not to leave it to late, to start preparing for your house removals when moving home Bedfordshire.

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Choosing a Bedfordshire removals company 

When moving home Bedfordshire and searching for a removals company it is always recommended that you request your chosen removals company to complete a home survey. This is where you will be able to ask questions regarding your move in more detail, rather than over the phone.

There are many different types of Bedfordshire removal companies, that offer different types of removal services and prices. Depending on the size of your move will depend on what type of removal firm you will need consider. Some removal companies offer man and van services. This is ok for smaller house removals, but for larger house removals or international removals you may need to consider using an established and reputable house removals company, that can offer you a full home and packing service, along with storage if required.

An established and reputable house removals company in Bedfordshire will have in place insurance for the items, belongings and furniture they move.

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Packing your boxes and house furniture

If you are doing the packing your self, it is less stress to pack just a few boxes a day. Smaller boxes for heavy items like cd’s, book’s etc and bigger boxes for lighter items like bedding or toys.

When packing your home it is possibly best to start in the kitchen. The kitchen is a space in the home that is used by the entire household, so can accumulate a lot of belongings as well as fragile and delicate items, that will need full care and attention to ensure they are wrapped, packed and boxed safely.

Aim to have every thing packed and ready for when the removal men arrive, be sure all boxes are labeled and secure, prior to the big day.

For tips on packing your dining room. Click on Here.

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Stay in touch with your Bedfordshire removals company

If you are one step ahead of your move and have had it booked in for some time, give the firm a call to reassure them the move is still on and ok to go for the requested date. Let your removal firm know of any change in circumstances, if there’s a problem with parking or if you live on the 15th floor, being honest with your removals company will ensure your move goes as smooth as can be, when moving home Bedfordshire.

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Getting a quote for your move

When getting a quote for your move, we always recommend that you chose a set price removal quotation. This will ease a lot of the stress of moving home Bedfordshire.

Many man and van removal companies will charge you and hourly rate, this price may increase depending how many men vehicles and the distance of travel. With this type of rate there’s no telling how long the move will take and how much the cost will be, leaving many customers in dark when moving home Bedfordshire.

Where as many well established house removal companies will provide you a set price for your, that will include the full range of removal services taken, prior to completing your home move.

This type of rate will help you to save and prepare for your move accordingly. It is standard policy for established removal companies in Bedfordshire to make you aware of the services taken and price, before the move is carried out. When choosing a set or fixed price quotation, the price quoted is the price you pay.

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