Find the perfect house removal checklist and tips when moving home in Ashbourne Derbyshire DE6

Having a reputable relocation company complete your move, has to be the easiest and most sensible option, when relocating from your house to your new home. Following our easy to read guide on our house removal checklist and tips when moving home in Ashbourne Derbyshire, will help you to plan and organize your move, from day one like a professional removal company would.

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”32″ ]Planning and organizing your move

Your move is some thing that needs to be done right, first time round, you don’t have much room for errors when moving house. Having your relocation company organize your entire move from start to finish is the best solution. Managing a home move can be a real strain if not carefully planned and organized. And this is why our team have provided you with this unique  house removal checklist and tips when moving home in Ashbourne Derbyshire.

Make arrangements to keep money to the side to cover your move. At times moving home can just spring up on you out of the blue, so staying prepared is the best thing to do. Decide on what furniture stays and what goes with you. This can some times reduce the amount of items and furniture you actually have, resulting with cheaper house removal cost.

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”32″ ]4 weeks before your move 

Contact a moving company and secure your moving date. Many reputable removal companies will work with you to ensure your move date is met and will not charge you if you have to change your removal date. Choosing a removals company like this, that will go that extra mile to help you to secure a fixed move date.

If you are in rented accommodation notify your land lord that you will be leaving the property. Before leaving be sure to clean and leave the property in the same state and condition in which you first found it. This will help you to secure your deposit from the land lord.

Notify all your tv providers, water suppliers, home insurance, broadband and phone suppliers of your move to come, let them know your current details and provide them with your new home details. This will ensure that your connections will be all up and running once arrived at your new home.

Moving Home in Ashbourne Derbyshire

If planning a DIY removals “do it your self” you will need to ask friends and family if they will lend a helping hand, as long as they have no history of back problems. If you do decide on a DIY removals, ask your movers for some helpful advice or stick to our house removal checklist and tips when moving home in Ashborne Derbyshire which is proven to be a very useful tool for home movers across the East Midlands and the UK.

Start packing a few boxes a day. This will reduce the physical strain of having to wrap and pack 50-100 boxes all in one go. If completing your own packing be sure to use strong double wall boxes and good quality packaging materials. Be sure to have all boxes and furniture packed, dismantled and ready for the movers to move out. The key to packing your home is to use as much bubble wrap and paper as possible and placing up to 85% of your home contents safely into removal boxes. Nothing is left loose every thing should be boxed and secure when being moved in transit.

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”32″ ]Two weeks before your move

Notify schools, academies, milk man, newspaper shops, health care and friends and family of your move. Organize a get together so you can say farewell to friends and exchange details and contact numbers. Once you have settled into your new home they can come and visit you.

Arrange with the estate agents what time your keys for your new home will be released. This can cause a major issue in the moving process, no keys, means waiting with the removal van for several hours until the estate agents release the keys to the new home owners. Many removal companies will be familiar with this, but may charge your for this excessive waiting times.

Ask a close friend or family member if they will treat the children for the day. Taking them out for the day will be a huge strain off your shoulders, not having to worry if the children are ok or are they getting in the way of the movers.

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Edit” size=”32″ ]On the day of your move

Store all sentimental and valuable items like passports, documents, car keys, bank cards, cheque books etc in a safe place, carrying them on your person will ensure that they are kept safe during your move.

Place all animals in one room of the house while the move is underway, losing the cat will be the last thing you need on your removal. Remember your doors will be ajar as movers will be walking in and out carry heavy items and furniture, throughout the house.

Once at your new property navigate the movers to where you’d like everything to be placed.

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