Take full control of your home move! Follow these helpful tips when moving home in Lincoln

Want to find out how to make your move a success, you have come to the right place. This moving home guide is packed with expert tips of things you can do to help make your life so much easier when preparing for a house removal when moving home Lincoln.

Planning & Organising Your Move Is The Only Way To ensure You Have A Successful Removal Day When Moving Home Lincoln

Arrange a moving home checklist

Moving home is not easy, even when moving from a 1 bedroom flat. With so many things to do when moving home in Lincoln it can be easy to forget the most important task that you must complete. The best option is to brainstorm all the ideas and things you will need to do when moving home in Lincoln then create a moving home checklist.

Leave enough time to find a reliable removal company

Things can change like the weather when moving home. It is vital that as soon as you are aware that you are moving home you start your search for a house removal company in Lincoln that meets your exact needs and requirements. Booking the right house removal company when moving home is as important as changing your address with Royal Mail.

To be on the safe side you should have your move booked in at least 2 months prior to moving home. This gives you peace of mind and allows the removal company to plan, prepare and organise your move to great effect.

However with the way the UK market is at the moment, many home movers can find out at the very last-minute that they will be moving. If this is the case an experienced removal company will have all the resources in place to ensure you have a successful house removal no matter the circumstances. Arrange a removal quote.Notify the relevant service providers 4-8 weeks before moving

Contact all the service providers and let them know you will be moving home. You don’t want to arrive at the new home after a big move to find out that the new home has no heating, hot water, electricity, phone connections or broad band.

As soon as you know of your move it is wise to contact your service providers. Many providers will request that you contact them at least 4 weeks before the move, so they can secure a date and time to connect the services within the new home, usually the day you move in. Service provider you may need to contact.

Here is a list of some the providers you many need to notify when moving home Lincoln

Doing your own packing

If doing your own packing you must ensure you leave enough time to have all items and furniture, wrapped, boxed and packed before removal day. This is very important as some removal companies in Lincoln may not move your furniture or items that are not boxed up or packed correctly.

The best thing to do when packing your home is to bubble wrap and place any item the size of a microwave or smaller into removal boxes, then label all boxes. 85% of your home belongings should be place into boxes, leaving only the larger more bulkier items that the movers will move, once all the removal boxes have been loaded into the removal truck. Home packing guides.

Moving home with children

Moving home with children around the age of 6 and above can be an emotional experience for the whole family. Some children may find moving to a new home and area more of a challenge and feel uncomfortable with moving schools and meeting new friends.

The best thing to do is to try to get the children involved with the move. Let them decorate and pack up their own bedroom and boxes. Discuss with them how they would like to design their new bedroom, as this will make them feel like they are contributing to the moving process which is much more fun and exciting.

Take a day visit to the new school, home and area, see what facilities your new area has to offer. This can make the move and the whole process easier for children and parents whether moving home in Lincoln or across the UK.

You may want to arrange for a childminder, grandparents or a family member who will be able to take the children out to the park for the day. So they can arrive at the new home once the moving process is complete. This will give you the time to focus and over see your move and delegate to your movers. More advice for moving with children.

Moving home with pets

When moving with pets you want to keep them safe and away from the movers when they are moving furniture. The last thing you need on your move is the cat or dog darting out of the open front door and going missing for an hour or so. This is can be a nightmare for home movers when moving home, especially if the pet has escaped from the new home and area that it is not familiar with.

You may wish to arrange for family, friends or a few hours in the kennels for your peace of mind. Failing this you may want to keep the pets locked in a spare room where the movers will not be going in and out or causing a disturbance to your pets. Get more tips when moving home with pets in Lincoln.

Arrange to have old furniture cleared

When moving home Lincoln you may have items or furniture you don’t want or need at the new house, which is taking up the space in your home, loft, garage or garden shed.

The best thing to do is to arrange for a registered house clearance company to come in and remove all of your old, worn out, tatty items and bulky furniture. Many house clearance companies will donate your items to local charity shops or registered recycling facilities across Lincolnshire where many of your items will be re-homed.

Make a list of all the items you want to take to the new home. A list for all the items you wish to donate to local charities & a list for all the items you would like to send for recycling. You can also use the list of all the items you wish to keep as your own inventory that you can pass on to removal companies when getting a removal quote.

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