How To Make Your Move A Success When Moving Home With Children & Toddlers

Planning a house move can be a stressful, daunting and an emotional task on its own. Moving home with children and toddlers that are of the age of 2 years old can some time add to the extra stress of moving home. The following advice on how to move home successfully with children and toddlers is designed to ensure that you and your family have the perfect home move from start to finish.

Moving House With Children & Toddlers

Moving House With Children & Toddlers

Speak To Your Children About The Move In Advance

Prior to the moving home with your children it is always a good idea to keep them informed and speak to them about the move in advance. This will ensure that they are not left out and can be involved the planning of their new room and house. Integrate the idea of moving to a new home into their daily life as this will help to make them feel more comfortable with the move.

Let Them Pack There Own Toys & Belongings

When moving home with children it is always a good idea to involve them into the move and let them pack up their own toys and boxes. Decorating their own boxes will make moving to a new place more fun and exciting for them, as they will get the chance of taking responsibility of packing their own bedroom.

Arrange For A Childminder On Removals Day

On removals day try to arrange for a childminder, grandparents or a close family member to look after the children and take them out for the day, especially while the move is in full swing. This will give you the quality time needed to focus on your move and delegate the movers as and when needed. This will ensure the children are always safe and not in the house when large furniture is being moved around.

Prepare A Picnic Basket For The Big Day

Prepare some drinks, sandwiches and snacks that the children will need throughout the day. Remember your home contents will be all packed up in to boxes, setting aside a bag full of food and goodies will ensure you and your children are happy throughout the day.

Unpack The Kids Bedrooms First

Be sure to notify your removals company to have the children’s bedrooms set up for when they arrive at the new home. The movers will help to lay out their bed and favourite toys as this will help the kids to settle as soon as they arrive at the new house.

Finding A Removals Company When Moving Home With Children

When searching for a removals company you want to ensure they are a reliable, trusted and a professional moving company¬†that has you and your families best interests at heart, regardless of the removal costs, the organisation’s they are partners with or how many good reviews they have, you will automatically know when you have found the best moving company for you and your family from the excellent care and customer service you’ll receive.

What to expect when choosing your removals company!¬†A professional removal company, doesn’t matter what the size should always

  • Provide a FREE Home Survey (Along with free help, support, advice and moving information)
  • FREE Removals Quotation (in writing)
  • Be polite, friendly & approachable
  • Provide fair, cost-effective quotations at a fixed price
  • Always provide written quotes, receipts & invoices
  • Have all the resources and tools in place to complete your move
  • Visit your property in person if required (FREE of Charge)
  • You should always be able to contact your removals company

If you are moving home with children and a large family, from a 4-5 bedroom family home and need a professional home moving company, then please get in touch with the team here at MnM Removals we guarantee to make your move a stress free and pleasant experience.

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