10 important Things to consider when moving  house in Dunstable Bedfordshire

When moving house in Dunstable Bedfordshire it can be easy to forget those other important task that we must complete when moving to a new home. Luckily we have provide the perfect guide and checklist to ensure your house removals Dunstable Bedfordshire goes according to plan and as smooth and successfully as can be.

10 Of the most important tasks to be considered when moving house in Dunstable Bedfordshire

House Removals Dunstable Befordshire


Notify DVLA, Insurance, Banks, Royal Mail, Gas, Water, Electric. Tv and Broadband suppliers of change of address.

If you have a lot of items to be packed up, it can be a wise to a choose removals company, on the other hand if packing your self, give your self at least  4 weeks to pack.

If moving or travelling a long way be sure to make the necessary arrangements. If you have a car be sure it is serviced and will make the journey, otherwise book a car for hire, book the airline and or hotel room.

Once your move date is confirmed with your estate agents and solicitor and contract have been signed, contact your house removals company right away and have your move date booked in.

If moving house in Dunstable Bedfordshire with toddlers or children, arrange for them to meet their new school and teacher. This will help to build their confidence and come to terms with the change of school or nursery. Read More

If your new home is not ready to be moved in to right away, arrange for the make over, lay all carpets and wallpaper before you actually move in. This will save you hassle and time in the long run.

Be sure your new home can hold the amount of belongings and furniture you wish to move. If you are not sure whether your new home will have the room arrange for them to be store in a safe, secure self storage facility. Try donating, selling, recycling or giving away old or unwanted items and furniture.

Arrange with your estate agents and solicitor as to when the new house keys will be released to you. The last thing you need on your removals day is spending 4-5 hours on a Friday waiting for the new house keys to handed over. This can be a traumatic time for many home owners as well as the house removals company.

Stay in touch with other home movers in the moving chain, estate agents and solicitors. Communicating with each other can help to speed up the process and avoid any disappoints. When moving in a large chain complications can delay the moving process, if one contact has not been signed on time or monies have not landed into the relevant accounts, this can cause delays on moving day.

Purchase quality packaging materials and removal boxes for your move. Packing your items and furniture correctly can save you money and hassle in the likely hood that some thing gets damaged. Your house removals company will provide all packaging and boxes for you to pack your home.

House Removals Dunstable Befordshire