Things To Do When Moving House in Leicestershire

Preparing for a house removal when moving home in Leicestershire can be stressful and daunting task. Lucky you have this helpful guide that will ensure you have stress free and successful removal day for you and the whole family when moving house in Leicestershire.

Use this guide to take full control of your removal when moving house in Leicestershire

With so many tasks to get done when moving house in Leicestershire it can be easy to forget the most important thing’s you must do. This guide will offer expert advice and help you to recap on the things you can do to ensure your move is a success and a pleasant experience from start to end.

What to do when moving house in Leicestershire

One of the first things to do as soon as you are aware that you are moving home is to find a reliable removals company in Leicestershire that meets you exact needs and demands.

There are many ways which you can find a Leicestershire removals company, some which may include:

  • Asking friends or family for recommendations on removal companies they may have used in the past.
  • Checking the internet as many removal companies will list there company for services.
  • Visit comparance websites that list removal companies

Before moving house in Leicestershire arrange to have old furniture cleared first

The last thing you want when moving house in Leicestershire is to have all your old, worn items or furniture cluttering your new home and taking up all the space. The best thing to do is to arrange for a house clearance team to come in and remove the furniture for you. This will give you extra room within the new home that you can use.

This will save time and stop you having to fill up the car and doing several runs to your local recycling facility.

Let your service providers know you will be moving house

Another important part of your move is to notify your service providers. You don’t want to arrive at your new home to find you have no central heating, hot water or any of the basics like phone line, tv or broad band connection, which many of us just can’t do without.

Organisations you may need to contact include:

  • Royal Mail
  • DVLA
  • Health Care
  • Schools and colleges
  • Library and subscriptions
  • Friends , work colleagues and family

Decide whether you are going to pack or leave it to the movers

This is another important factor when moving house in Leicestershire. You will need to weigh up the options, whether it is ideal for you to pack or whether you think the movers should do it.

However if you do decide to pack your own home you will need to have in mind that:

  • All items smaller than a microwave must be bubble wrapped, placed safely into a removal box and then labelled.
  • All items and larger furniture like sofas, wardrobes and dinning tables must be safely packed in time for when the movers arrive.
  • You will need to purchase all your own removal boxes and packaging equipment. (Boxes and packaging can be purchased from your removal company).

Get the children involved with the move as much as you can

Children can become emotional when they know they are moving house, changing schools, leaving friends and family. The only way to get them to come around is to invite them to join in with the moving process .

Let them pack their own bedrooms and decorate their own boxes, discuss with them how they would like to decorate their new bedrooms and what new furniture they would like.

Communicating with your children and letting them get involved when moving house in Leicestershire will ensure they are seeing this as you are, a new adventure in the families life.

Arrange for your pets to be looked after when moving house in Leicestershire

Pets are another important factor that must be mentioned. When moving house in Leicestershire you may want to ask friends or family to take care of your pets while the move is in full swing.

You will need to be aware that the movers will be in and out of your home repeatedly, up and down moving furniture into the removal truck.

Your front door will be left wide open on many occasions, which makes it easy for pets to escape and go missing, until they are found some hours later in the neigbours garden.

Take meter readings before leaving the old home

Before leaving your old home you will need to take all meter readings and provide them to your service provider. If you don’t the new home owner could use up your gas or electric and you may be at risk of being charged for it. So please remember to take your meter readings before returning the keys to the estate agents or the new home owner.

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