Choosing a removal company when moving house in Loughborough what to look out for

If you are at the stage where you have sold your home. Now you will need to plan your house removal when moving house in Loughborough.

The following guide offers advice on how to choose a removal company for you move when moving house in Loughborough. When relocating to a new home its vital that you find a removal company that meets your exact needs and requirement.

Get 3 removal quotes

It is wise when moving house in Loughborough that you gather at least 3 removal quotes from professional removal companies in Loughborough. This will give you an idea of the removal services available and the costs involved.

Give your self enough time to find a company

Moving is known to be one of the most stressful task in our lives. You will need to give your self enough time to get in touch with the right movers. We estimate that you contact your movers 8 weeks prior to moving home. This will give you the time you need to build a relationship with your moving company in Loughborough. Also speak to your estate agents in Loughborough may be able to recommend a removals company to you

Do your movers have a fixed residency

Another thing to look out for when moving house in Loughborough is to check that the removal company you wish to use has a permanent address. Also it is wise to ensure they have a landline or 0800 number that can be traced.

Get all removal quotes in writing

To avoid any confusion when moving house in Loughborough you will need to make sure your quotes are provided in writing and clearly list the services and costs for each service you will receive.

Are the staff fully trained and qualified

You will want to make sure that your movers staff are fully trained and qualified to carry out house removals. Many removal companies will send their staff on to ( BAR ) British Association of Removers training courses so it’s always worth check this out first.

Will the movers be uniformed

Another way to determine a reputable removal company is to see whether their staff wear full uniform. If they are uniformed it will offer reassurance that you have hired a reputable company for your move.

Do your movers offer a free home survey

When moving house in Loughborough you may want your removal company to come out to your home, so they can see first hand of what you have to be moved and what your move involves. This is the perfect time for you to meet your Loughborough removals company where you can decide carefully which one is right for you.

Decide how much help you’ll need from your movers

When moving house in Loughborough it is vital that you get your own recommendations down on to paper before contacting your removals company. To pack or not to pack. The more organised you are the more  successful your move will be.

Negotiate with your movers on price 

If you feel your quotation has been over priced for your move, it can be a good idea if you are comfortable with this to negotiate with your movers. House removals is a competitive business and your movers will be happy to negotiate rather than lose a client over the price.

Ask if they will price match

If you have gathered other quotes that are cheaper than the company you want to use, ask your movers if they will price match or beat the quote you currently have. Don’t be afraid to ask your movers if they will work with in your budget. Moving house in Loughborough can be very expensive and most companies will work to fit in to your budget and requirements.

Check if your movers charge for waiting times

The last thing you want when moving house in Loughborough is to be charged by your movers for circumstances that are out of your control. Many home movers face additional charges by their movers when waiting for the new house keys to be released by the estate agents.

If your are planning a house removal when moving house in Loughborough, look no further than the MnM Removals team.

Moving House in Loughborough

Moving House in Loughborough