Things to prepare for when moving house in Market Harborough Leicestershire

With so much to think about and to do when moving house in Market Harborough Leicester it can be easy to forget the most important task that must be completed.

Moving home involves more than just ramming furniture in to a truck. It involves dealing with estate agents, solicitors, banks and others in the moving chain. This guide will refresh your memory on the things to do when moving house in Market Harborough Leicestershire.

Moving House in Market Harborough

Get Recommendations

You will want to speak to relatives, friends and work collages. Ask them if they have ever used a removals company before. Many of them may have had a great experience and could recommend you to them. This is a simple but effective way of finding a good removal firm.

Book A Survey

As soon as you are aware that you are moving home book in a free no obligation home survey with your removals company in Market Harborough. This will help you to get the best price and services for your move.

Try To Avoid Moving On Fridays & Weekends

The busiest day for removal companies in Market Harborough is Fridays. These are days you should try to avoid if possible. Many removal companies will charge extra for moving during the weekend. The best days for moving are between Monday and Thursday.

Ask Friends And Family To Help

You will want to give your friends and family enough notice. The last thing you need is to be let down when moving home. With that extra help it can make the whole process stress free.

Hire A Removals Company 6 Weeks Before Moving

Removal companies get busy quickly with people all looking to move home at the same time. It is a fist come first serve basis. So you will want to ensure your removal firm is booked and your deposit has been paid.

Let Your Service Providers Know You Are Moving

You will want to notify

and all other subscriptions that you have registered at your current home address. Let them know your are due to be moving home soon, so they can schedule your move date and have all services connected in time for when you move in to your new home.

Expect Delays When Waiting For The New House Keys

If you have hired a fas, friendly and professional team then by 12pm they are more than likely to have your entire home loaded up in to their removals vehicle. The only thing is the new house key can not be released until after 2 pm. Many removal firms will charge additional fees for this waiting period, where at the worst keys are released 3-4 hours later than expected. An experienced firm will have a solution to combat these types of issues.

If you are moving house in Market Harborough Leicestershire!

Moving House in Market Harborough