Help with Moving house to a 3 storey property in Leicester

If you are looking for a removal firm to help you when moving house to a 3 storey property in Leicester we can help.

As housing demands are so high at the moment 3 storey homes are becoming an increasingly popular style of home for developers building new build homes in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Moving home can be a stressful experience in the best of situations. With living spaces typically on the upper levels, when moving to a 3 storey property you may find that you have a few more problems than predicted.

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Some of the most common problems include:

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The most common problems occur when sofa’s and other furniture will not fit up the stairs. This is a very difficult problem to predict as often you will not be able to tell until the sofa is in the new property.

The next obstacle to overcome may be to find a company to remove the first floor window (s) to allow the removal men to hoist the sofa (s) up through the window and into its intended destination.

If you have limited mobility or are in your later years remember to consider the amount of additional stairs there will be when moving house to a 3 storey property in Leicester.

3 storey properties  may not be as energy-efficient as you think. With no loft insulation be sure to check that your new home has sufficient alternative insulation solutions.

With 3 storey properties the garden space is typically smaller than what you would expect from a property of that size. This is due to the houses being built upwards to save on ground space.

Saving on ground space and building upwards can also cause other knock on effects and problems. With one of the most common being plumbing and drainage problems.

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Benefits of a 3 storey property

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3 storey homes are generally built with families in mind. With spacious,family oriented designs 3 storey properties offer relaxed open planned living spaces.

With 3 storey properties you can often get a lot more house for your money. With the current housing market there is not alto of different in price between a 4 bed 3 storey home and a similar 3 bed 2 storey house.

Although 3 storey homes are generally built with families in mind they are also great for having your own space. With attic rooms proving very popular getaway spots for tired parents and  professionals alike.

When buying a 3 storey property  you could benefit from reduced stamp duty and land tax,  compared to the usual rates for a property of a similar size. This is because the house will take up less ground space as it is built upwards.

3 storey floor plan

If you are moving home in Leicester or Leicestershire

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