The Moving House Who To Inform Checklist Makes Moving Simple

Organizing the services and providers for your new home is simple when using our moving house who to inform checklist. When moving to a new home you will need to notify the relevant providers of your home move. Following the moving house who to inform checklist will ensure that all your household services are in place for when you move into your new home and destination. Remember many providers have busy time slots so try to get in touch with them as soon as possible, as this will save you disappointment later on.

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Here is a list of providers and suppliers you’ll need to inform of your new address when moving house:

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[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]TV, Broadband and Phone Providers

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]DVLA, Breakdown Recovery and Log Book

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Inland Revenue, Council Tax Departments

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Milk Man, Magazines and Subscriptions


[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Family, Friends, Work Colleagues and Employer

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Schools, Colleges, Universities

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Doctors, Dentist, Health Care and Opticians

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Bank, Building Society, Credit Card Companies

[icon type=”image” icon=”Info” size=”16″ ]Gas, Water and Electric Suppliers


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Being organized can go a long way when moving home. Many people tend to forget the most important things when moving to a new home. Following the essential guide on moving house who to inform checklist, will help to ensure your move goes smoothly and according to plan.

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