What is the average price of house removal when moving in Leicester from a 3 bedroom house, flat or apartment locally

When moving in Leicester from a 3 bedroom house you will have some much to think about and organize. You will need to decide whether you will require professional help and assistance from your local moving company in Leicester or risk it alone with friends and family. Once you have decided on what you will do, you’ll need to work out how much you can afford to budget for your move. You will need to see what you would like to take with you to your new home and what you can donate to charities or recycle. This could make your house removal cheaper Moving home is a major change in our lives and we normally only ever get one shot at getting it spot on.

The 3 bedroom house is one of the most common bought family homes with in the United Kingdom, Wales and Ireland. Below we have listed the main factors that the price of your house removal is based on.

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Volume Of Furniture Belongings and Items You Have To Be Moved

One of the main factors your house removals quote is based on is the amount of furniture, items and belongings you actually have to be moved to your new home residence. As mentioned earlier donating old, worn, unused items and furniture to charities or for recycling will help to reduce the volume and weight your moving company will have to carry. The bigger the items or furniture, the bigger the removal truck will need to be, making the move a little more expensive.

If you your r moving company is completing a full packing service, packaging materials will need to be bought. Depending on the volume of furniture, fragile and valuable items that you have, will depend on how much your packaging materials and removals boxes will cost. When moving from a 3 bedroom house you could use as an estimate up to 50 removal boxes to pack your entire 3 bedroom home. This is why we always recommend decluttering, or donating furniture before moving home in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Moving in Leicester from a 3 bedroom housem

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Moving Furniture And Items That Require Special Care and Attention

If you happen to be moving house and have specialist items or furniture like pianos or valuable items, this could increase the overall price of your home move. Your moving company may need to allocate special packaging materials, like tailor-made to fit crates, that are normally used for shipping high valued items overseas or by air freight. This packing method will ensure the security and safety of your belonging or furniture whilst in transit.

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The Distance Of Travel To Your New Home

Moving in Leicester from a 3 bedroom house

The distance of your move is classed as another major factor, that distance to your new home will reflect the price your move will be. Your moving companies will need to consider the following when providing you with a quote based on the distance of travel.

  • Mileage to the new destination
  • The amount of Fuel to be used
  • Time It will take
  • Toll roads

If you are moving abroad then your movers may need to spend the night in a hotel or the back of the truck which will increase the overall price of your move.

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How Long The Move Will Take

To determine roughly how long your move will take, your moving company will need to complete a home survey. If your move is of a large-scale then extra vehicles, movers & packers, packaging materials and removal boxes will be required, to ensure your move goes smoothly, efficiently and according to plan. The more vehicles, movers & packers, packaging materials and removal boxes that you will need, will also help to increase the costs of your 3 bedroom home move.

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When Is The Best Time To Move Home

The best days for moving home in the UK that won’t cost you extra money is on a Tues, Wed, Thurs and on week ends. Many removal companies in Leicester and Leicestershire will charge more for your move when moving on bank holidays, Easter or at Christmas which is one of the busiest times for moving companies.

The cheapest time to book your home move is during the quite periods of the year, like Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr. Booking your house removals at this time of year could make your house removal and moving costs cheaper. During the summer moving companies in Leicester and Leicestershire can become very busy making it harder for removal customers to secure their chosen removal date.

We will always recommend that customers book their house removal companies way in advance especially when moving during the busy periods.

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What Prices Should You Be Expected to Pay For A 3 Bedroom House Removal 

Moving In Leicester From A 3 Bedroom House

A 3 bedroom house removal service in Leicester or Leicestershire, moving locally (approx 10 miles to new home) you could expect to pay (approx) as little as £400 and as much as £650 depending on how many removal men and vehicles you will need.

With a 3 bedroom home packing service you could be expected to pay a further £300£600 (approx) on top of your original house removal quotation.

For a 3 bedroom house removal service travelling a long distance (approx 100-150 miles) you could be expected to pay (approx) as little as £900 or as much as £1400 this will depending on your personal situation, circumstances, needs and requirements.

The prices above is rough indication of what an established house removals company will charge and will give you an idea of how much you will need to budget and save for your move in advance.

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If you would like to benefit from using our removals, packing and storage company in Leicester and Leicestershire, then please get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your exact requirements.

Moving In Leicester From A 3 Bedroom House

Moving in Leicester from a 3 bedroom house

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