Are you or some one you know planning a house removal when moving in Leicester or Leicestershire, if so our friendly removals company along with our reliable and experienced movers and packers can help

[quote font=”georgia” font_style=”normal” color=”#000000″ bcolor=”#f48a00″ arrow=”yes”]If you are moving to leicester or moving in Leicester or Leicestershire and have a family or small children you will want to ensure that your move is as smooth and stress free as possible. To do this your move will need careful planning and organizing from start to finish to enable the best possible solution for the moving process.[/quote]

Free Home Viewings:

Once contact has been made with MnM Removals our move consultant will arrange a suited time and date to complete a home viewing. Your home viewing is completely free and usually takes 20 – 30 mins of your time. Having a home viewing when moving in Leicester or Leicestershire is the best possible way to plan and organize your move, as we are a professional removals company we always like to be prepared for your move, ensuring you and your family receive the best possible moving house experience, when booking our reliable home movers and packers when you are moving in Leicester or Leicestershire.moving in Leicester or Leicestershire

Your planning and organizing will include:

  • How many movers and packers will you need to complete your move safely
  • The amount of furniture, volume and space you will take
  • The access points to the property
  • How many packing materials, accessories and boxes you will need to pack your home safely
  • Where you would like your furniture and items to be placed once at your new home
  • Whether you need storage facilities for a few items

When choosing our home packing service our home packers will:

  • Bring all moving boxes, packaging and accessories to pack your home
  • Ensure your entire home is boxed and wrapped correctly
  • Wrap all cups, plates, glasses, mirrors, ornaments and all other delicate items separately, using our quality bubble wrapping and wrapping paper
  • Dismantle all beds, wardrobes, dinning tables, book cases, shelves t.vs etc, wrapping them and placing them into our house removal boxes.
  • Empty all wardrobe and draws of their contents and place them securely in to moving boxes
  • Ensure all boxes are labeled with their contents and the rooms they were packed in

When choosing our home removals service our home movers will:

  • Ensure your home and contents are safe at all times
  • Be wearing full MnM Removals uniform
  • Use the correct moving equipment to ensure safe loading
  • Move specialist heavy items like pianos, marble tables or machinery etc
  • Ensure your carpets and flooring are not damaged or dirty by laying floor protection down before entering your home (if required)
  • Wrap larger items like chest of draws and book cases with thick quilted removal blankets to avoid scratching or damaging items whilst in transit
  • Ensure none of your possessions are left behind

Need affordable top quality house removal moving boxes

we can help click on image below to view and order your boxes that are ready for delivery. To view full packaging store Click Here

Moving in Leicester or Leicestershire

Once your move is booked in you will not be let down

[quote font=”georgia” font_style=”normal” color=”#000000″ bcolor=”#f48a00″ arrow=”yes”]Whatever your requirements and needs when moving in Leicester or Leicestershire our move consultant will ensure that you are making the right move and choices, that will ensure your move is completed successfully.[/quote]

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