Things you need to be aware of when  buying or renting a new apartment

 Moving in to a new apartment in Leicester can be an exciting and emotional experience. MnM Removals give our customer the opportunity to have a quality removals service, when moving into a new apartment in Leicester.

Tips For Moving in to a new apartment in Leicester

When moving in to a new apartment in Leicester you will need to be very organized, you should do all your packing at least 7 days before moving into your apartment, whilst you are packing you will come across items and precious belongings you may not have remembered were even there, decide what you will be keeping and donate all your unwanted items to charities in your local area. You can also hire a professional house clearance service to take away all your unwanted items.

Check and asses the whole property for any damages to walls and the interior, check the toilet is working and is not leaking water any where, check the bath is ok and is not leaking in any way, you may also like to check the bathroom and kitchen sink,  complete these tasks with your landlord or estate agents, you both should make a list of all damages, so you are not liable to pay for damages you have not caused when you are moving out.

Decide which floor your apartment is going to be situated on, if you are on the top floor and without no elevator, you will have to move your belongings up flights of stairs and through corridors, however,  if you are lucky enough to have an elevator you will save yourself the work of climbing the stairs, you could then load the elevator with all the smaller items, be aware as some larger furniture like sofa’s and wardrobes may not fit into the elevator.

It is best to have some sort of chain set up with the people helping you to move in, 1 person off loading the vehicle passing items down to the next person and straight into the lift to your apartment floor, have someone on the apartment floor loading your belongings into your apartment.

It is best to to decide whether you can manage the moving process on your own or whether to leave it to the professionals.

Moving in to a new apartment in Leicester can be very challenging especially if you have children moving in with you, remember to have your essentials ready to be unpacked once you have moved in here are few things you may need once you have moved in, coffee mugs, glasses, plates, knives and forks, toaster, pots and pans, shower gel, tea, kettle, microwave and toys.

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