Tips and advice for moving into a bungalow in Mickleover, Derby

Living on just one level sounds appealing but moving into a bungalow in Mickleover has its challenges follow our easy to read tips for moving into a bungalow and have a stress free move.

You may be considering buying a single story property because of the accessibility it offers, if so here you can find hints and tips on how to make the most of your bungalow including some of the less obvious options available when Moving into a bungalow in Mickelover, Derby.

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a bungalow inc:


The main attraction of a bungalow property  is that with a one storey layout it is ideal for those with reduced mobility. Also because of the way in which these houses are constructed the interiors are highly customisable, meaning that doorways can easily be widened to more easily accommodate a wheelchair.

Again because of nature of the foundations the overall size of the plot will be a lot bigger than that of a conventional house. This mean you have the perfect options for expanding your property.


The main disadvantage of buying a bungalow is the lack of cost efficiency. As bungalows do not have an upstairs the actual living space per square foot of land owned is much lower than that for a conventional house. On the surface this makes this particular type of property relatively bad value for money, although buying a bungalow may be a valid option to get you the perfect location.

Because of their practicality over the years bungalows have earned a reputation for being stylistically out-dated and rather stuffy. This may often lead to bungalows being overlooked in the search for a new property unless there is a specific requirement for accessibility.

Privacy concerns and layout considerations

Because of there structure bungalows will either be detached or semi detached, meaning that residents often have more privacy. Planting trees or shrubs around the edge of the property can create a very private atmosphere.

When considering buying your property it may be a good idea to work out what each room in the house will be used for – maybe the perfect lighting in a planned bedroom may be less of a deciding factor when you consider that it is fully visible from the road. There are other options, such as installation of frosted glass for added privacy in bathrooms, and it may be worthwhile to consider these too.


All homes require good security. However, a bungalow lacks some of the most basic deterrents possessed by other types of property: namely hard to reach windows. Because every room is accessible from the ground it is extra important to have good security on all your doors and windows.

As well as installing alarms and intercoms there are other factors you can consider before buying your property:

  • Is the property completely hidden from the road? Secluded properties can make for an easier target than those that are visible from the road
  • Is the area well lit?
  • Can you easily add some simple deterrents, eg. thorny bushes beneath windows or a lockable gate around the property?

Storage and spare rooms

Because of the high cost to floor space ratio it is likely that a bungalow will have fewer rooms than a two-storey property of the same price. For that reason you may find that you have fewer “spare” rooms to turn into, for example a study or a guest bedroom. There are ways to get around this reduced living space, for example relocating the contents of a utility room to an outhouse or incorporating them into the kitchen.

As with any property, it is important to make sure that it fits your lifestyle, and this is especially important in a property as economical with space as a bungalow. Storage may also be an issue, if you are considering overcoming space restrictions by having a loft conversion these are important factors to consider when Moving into a Bungalow in Mickelover, Derby.