Moving to a new home in Loughborough, Leicester or Nottingham we understand our house removal customers want a fast, friendly and reliable relocation service within the East Midlands

[quote font=”georgia” font_size=”14″ color=”#000000″ bcolor=”#f48a00″]We have provided you a movers/relocation guide with tips to help and give you insight about a few factors you should be aware of on your removal day when you are moving to a new home.[/quote]

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[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-48″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]First thing you will need to do is find a suitable date that you would like to move.  Once your completion is completed and the contracts and chains have all been changed over then you can book a  date  for removal.

Moving to a new home

removal firms,  Moving to a new home

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-48″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]You will need to be very organised,  when selling a house things can go through very quickly making the whole process feel rushed, so preparing your self with enough time and being prepared to move as the completion goes through is essential.

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-48″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]Choosing your removal day is essential especially if you are always out at work and don’t have many days off and are limited to complete your move, Many professional removal firms will work weekends and if requested to do so will have you settled into your new home in time for the start of the working week.

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-48″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]When booking in your removal you should be thinking of having a full clear out, tipping or recycling all of the belongings you don’t love no more and want rid of, think of moving to a new home in Loughborough, Leicester or Nottingham as a fresh start in your life  clearing of the unwanted and unused items of furniture clogging up the space in your new home. By doing this it is much easier for you to pack and unpack your belongings, which means you have less stuff which should result in a cheaper removal when you are moving to a new home within the UK or Abroad.

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-48″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]Its easy to forget simple tasks on the run up to your removal day, when you are rushed off your feet with the home packing or making sure your movers and relocation team are going to turn up on the day, what ever your worry writing down a check list is essential to making your move a successful experience. It doesn’t have to be as stressful as people say when moving to a new home as long as you have planned and prepared long ahead, make a list of the issues you could face on your removal day, which should be shown to your movers. Let them know things like (will sofa/couch fit through the front door or up a flight of stairs).

Moving to a new home

Moving to a new home

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-48″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]If you are  moving to a new home in Loughborough, Leicester or Nottingham you will need to get in touch with a professional movers firm within the East Midlands areas. Once you have decided what moving companies you are happy with and meets all your requirements or needs. Most importantly (do they offer a free home viewing and hold full insurance).

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-48″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]When choosing your professional removal companies you should be given a quote that is a set price which will include V.A.T and should not change on the day of your move, unless you have requested for extra services and received other removal services by the removal men, that were not included within your quotation.

[button color=”white” size=”big” font=”georgia” radius=”20″ outer_border=”true” outer_border_color=”#f48a00″]You can choose from a number of relocation services some of these being[/button]


[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-247″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]Professional Home Packing Service (where the movers will pack and wrap all removal boxes plates and toys etc, Labeling all removal boxes).

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-247″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]Professional Home Unpacking Service ( when the removal van arrives to your new home the removal men will carefully place your belongings in the correct rooms, unpacking all boxes, plates, clothing, bedding and all other items being moved).

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-247″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]Dismantling ( where the movers will dismantle all wardrobes and bigger furniture that needs to be taken down).

[icon type=”vector” icon=”momizat-icon-247″ size=”16″ icon_color=”#f48a00″ ]Assembling Service (Where the movers will put all your wardrobes and bigger furniture like beds, tables and cupboards back up into your new home).

Never feel rushed into choosing a removal company, ask the questions that matter to you and your exact needs the most when trying to find the right movers. Most of all you want to know that your movers take TLC, care and respect when assisting you in moving to a new home in Loughborough, Leicester or Nottingham.

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