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How to get rid of your old sofas, settees, couches and furniture Leicester East Midlands

  • Introduction to recycling your old sofa
  • How to get dispose and recycle my old sofa?
  • Can i give my old sofa away for free?
  • Is it possible to sell my old sofa or couch?
  • Do i need to dismantle my old sofa?
  • Donate your old sofa to charities
  • Will my local council collect and pick up my old sofa or settee for free?
  • Use registered recycling centres and waste tips
  • If ordering a new sofa, ask the company if they will take the old sofa
  • How much does it cost recycle my old sofa or settee?
  • Can i sell my sofa without a fire label?
  • Book a sofa clearance company
  • How it all works

Introduction to recycling your old sofa

Looking to purchase a brand new sofa for your home, but not sure what to do with you old tatty and worn out sofa? This article will explain all the best options you can take to recycling and disposing of your old sofa. Sofas and couches can be extremely heavy to lift and move. Some sofas can be much taller and bigger than some rooms and door ways. So extra care must be taken when moving them out of the house to avoid damage being done to your home.

Your old sofa may be due for a update, but how will you arrange to get the sofa moved? Many people tend to call a sofa recycling & furniture clearance company to come and collect the sofa.

However many people tend to leave them on the from with the hope that some one else will take the sofa or couch. The reality is many of the sofas left out side end up in land fill. Which has a big impact on our environment and the world we live in.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that we have listed all the good things you can do when looking to get rid of and recycle your old sofa.

  • How can to dispose and recycle my old sofa?

There are so many ways you can utilise the life of your old sofa. You may just want to get rid and have the sofa out of the house, but with items this big extra measure must be taken. You can either take your old sofa to a recycling facility. See if the sofa is in a good enough condition for the charity. Give the sofa away or arrange a sofa recycling and clearance company to have it moved.

  • Can i give my old sofa away for free?

You can now advertise your sofa on online for free. There are many people out there that can not afford the cost of a new sofa. Giving the sofa away for free helps others and ensure you can dispose of your sofa in the correct manner. You can place adverts for free on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Preloved.

  • Is it possible to sell my old sofa or couch?

The cost of a new sofa can be in the £1000’s. If your old sofa has no visible rips or tears you may be able to sell it on for a small fee. The most popular online selling websites are Gumtree and Ebay. You can list your sofa here, where you sofa ad will be visible to 100’s of people a day. All searching for the right type of sofa at a better price. Selling your old safe will help to put something back into your pocket. After all something is better than nothing.

The downside of the sell ing the sofa is you will need to store it or use it until you have found a buyer. So if you was hoping to get rid of the sofa ASAP then this might not be the best option.

You could contact your local sofa clearance and waste recycling company to see if they will offer you a fee for your old sofa. If your old sofa is in good condition, many sofa clearance companies in the East Midlands may pay you to collect the sofa. Where they can sell on in their charity stores and shops to other people.

  • Do i need to dismantle my old sofa?

You may want to get rid of your old sofa, couch or settees your self. Now sofas are extremely heavy and awkward items to move, due to the bulk and size. Fitting them through narrow door frames and down tight hall ways is not for the faint hearted. You will need some experience in moving items like sofas, to ensure no damaged is done to your home or the sofa when being moved.

If your sofa comes in sections this will make moving it so much easier. You will need a small van to transport the sofas to the recycling facility. As the sofa will be big to fit in to a car. This is something you can do right away and in your own time and pace.

  • Donate your old sofa to charities 

Get in touch with your local furniture charity shops to see if they will take the sofa for free. Charity shops are filled with items people have donated for free. Send them some photos of the picture to see if they are interested in taking the sofa. They may arrange a collection or you may need to transport the sofa to the charity stores.

  • Will my local council collect and pick up your old sofa or settee for free?

Yes. The council will collect your old sofa or at least 5 large items a year. This service can be quite busy and if you need the sofa collect quickly for the replacement of a new sofa then this may not be fo you. The councils will not remove the items from the home but from out side of the house, so you will need to ensure they are left out on collection day.

  • Use only registered recycling facilities and waste tips

If you decide to dispose of your old sofa your self. You should only use registered recycling facilities that ensure your old sofa does not end up in land fill. The councils have may of these locations where you can bring waste items along with your old worn sofas and couches for free.

  • If ordering a new sofa ask the company if they will take the old sofa away

When ordering the new sofa for your home, it can be a good idea to speak to sofa company to see if the offer a services where they can remove your old sofa. Now this may not be for free and you have to pay a fee to have them collect the old sofa in time for the delivery of the new sofa. Many sofa companies have partners that they use to collect old sofas for recycling for their customers when ordering a new sofa.

  • How much does it cost to recycle my sofa or settee?

Old sofa recycling should not cost you the world. Many sofa recycling companies in Leicester and the East Midlands may have different rates for collection. On avg you could expect to pay £65 £75 for a standard call out charge and £65£75 for the moving and recycling of the old sofa locally. this is usually based on moving just the 1 x sofa, the more sofas to collect the more the price will be to get them moved. If you require this service further afield then additional travelling charges will be applied to the above rates.

  • Can i sell my sofa without a fire label?

You can sell your old sofa with out a fire label to friends, family and on social media websites like Facebook or Instagram. But if you want to sell or donate your old sofa to large organisations such as The British Heart Foundation or Age Concern, then you will require a fire label to be attached to all sofas by law. The fire label is a notice that the sofa is fire resistant and can be homed with out the worry of the sofa material catching fire easily.

  • Book a sofa clearance company

If all fails and you have no option or way of getting rid of your old sofa. You can simply search on Google for Old Sofa Recycling & Clearance Services East Midlands Leicester and you will find a list of all available sources that can help.

  • How it all works

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