Looking for Personal Storage in Groby Leicester

Get your free quotation when planning your personal storage in Groby Leicester. We provide the state of the art storage facilities, situated in Leicester City Centre, we have easy access to our self storage facility.

Searching for house removals or self storage in Leicestershire. MnM Removals provides personal Storage in Groby Leicester & Leicestershire

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Business & Domestic Storage

Our storage facility is ideal for domestic household, warehouse and commercial office space clients, that require extra storage for their office or household items and furniture. We provide a low-cost storage solutions that meets your exact needs and requirements, when moving your belongings into storage.

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Long Term Storage 

Our storage company can store items for as long as you may need. If you are moving to a new country or travelling the world and would like to ensure your household or office items will be safe, we are the best bet.

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Storage Boxes and Packaging

Our storage company provides quality storage boxes, ideal for moving, stacking and awkward or heavy items. Using our storage boxes will ensure your possessions stay clean, safe and secure, whether stored for 1 day or 2 years. We use quality affordable storage boxes they are double wall boxes for that extra protection and will not fold, bend or cave in on each other.

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Storage Packing Service

Before moving your items into storage you will need to add protective packaging to keep your most delicate, fragile and expensive items safe. Hiring our dedicated packing team will save you time and money. By completing the packing service for you, you can rest assured that your packing service is in the safest of hands. We provide packing insurance and storage insurance, to ensure your goods, furniture, belongings and items are completely covered.

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Storage Pick Up & Delivery

Our fast, friendly and professional movers make moving into storage easy. With the help of our qualified moving team, there’s not much you’ll need to worry about. If items are needed out of the loft, as long as the owner consents, we will carefully climb in and pass the items down. Theres not much our movers can not move, so if you have any awkward or heavy items that require being place in to storage like pianos, our movers will have the correct piano moving equipment and tools on hand to move it safely and professionally into storage.

When you decide you would like your furniture back, our movers will deliver them to your destination, placing them in the exact rooms and spot of your choice.

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Safe, Secure and 24hr Monitored Storage Facility in Leicester & Leicestershire

Moving house and require our removals and storage in Groby Leicester or Leicestershire