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Many people hire, buy or just want to relocate their piano to a new location. Whatever the reason for moving your piano you are going to need professional advice and assistance.

When thinking of piano moving Leicester you will need to consider that all pianos come in all makes, shapes and sizes.

  • Blüthner
  • Steinway & Sons
  • Bechstein
  • Fazioli
  • Mason and Hamlin

Some are upright pianos, some are baby grand pianos, some are grand pianos and we have the ultimate luxury concert grand piano.

Stressfree Piano Moving Leicester & Beyond

Pianos are extremely heavy to move or lift and specialist piano moving equipment will need to used when attempting to move or lift a piano.

Its essential that you are aware of the size and height of your piano before you decide to move it to a new destination.

Piano weights are as follows

Upright Piano Weights

  • Small Upright Piano  – 300 – 400 lbs
  • Medium Upright Piano  – 600 – 800 lbs
  • Extra Large Upright Piano  – up to 1000 lbs

Grand Piano Weights

  • Baby Grand Piano  – 500 – 800 lbs and between 4 foot 6 inches long
  • Larger Grand Pianos – 500 – 1200 lbs

Moving a piano is not for the fainthearted as you will need to have some, if not a lot of piano moving experience to be able to move the piano safely to it’s new destination.

Pianos are very expensive and require specialist packaging to avoid damaging them. Piano covers are available to ensure maximum protection when transporting your piano to a new location.

Once the piano has been moved it is a good idea to have it retuned to get back the best sound out of your piano.

Simple Tips For Piano Moving Leicester

  • Make sure you clear the path the piano will travel.
  • Using a tape measure, measure the piano and the doorways it will pass through.
  • Use piano covers, bubble wrap and removal blankets to add extra protection.
  • Use a piano dolly (a dolly is wheels the piano is moved on) and piano shoe (a shoe is a long board to protect the piano from resting on the floor) to move the piano from A to B especially grand pianos.
  • Secure the piano. Strap the piano to the dolly using piano straps.
  • Use a ramp to manuver the piano up and down steps and on to the vehicle if you dont have the benefit of a tailift.
  • Finally strap the piano to the vehicle to avoid it shifting or moving when in transit to the new location.

Remember never try to move the piano yourself unless you have spoken to a professional piano moving company in Leicester.

If you are ordering a piano or having one given to you and are struggling to move it or have it collected why not speak to our experienced piano moving team in Leicester we are always willing to help.

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