Many people are now buying pianos as a feature with in the home. Many pianos can be well over a 100 years old and require extreme care and protection when planning a piano removal in Narborough Leicestershire.

How to protect your piano for removals in Narborough


Dust settles every where with in our homes and can cause light faint scratches and marks on larger delicated items like pianos. Dusting your piano with a dry, clean, smooth cloth prior to the removal taking place will remove the dust and avoid the piano getting scuffed in any way.

Purchase piano covers

You may want to purchase covers for your piano removal in Narborough Leicestershire, as this would provide the perfect protection when transporting your piano to a new location.

Many piano removal companies in Leicestershire may provide these specialists covers when carrying out your piano removal in Narborough.

Avoid direct light & heat

Once your piano has arrived at it’s new destination you will need to place it away from the glares of the bright hot sunshine if possible, as the suns rays and heat can over time weaken the Ligin which is a material bedded inside the wood of your piano.

Many modern pianos are coated with a shiny matte finish which is not offering much protection for the inside components of your piano if exposed to sunlight or heat will fade over time.

Piano components are extremely delicate and many are glued so always try to avoid the heat and sunlight. If you have no choice purchase a heat resistant cover and some blinds to shield your piano from the sun.

Temperature and Humidity

The room temperature and Humidity plays a major factor on how well your piano plays and sounds. If your room is to warm it may cause the wood piano to dry out and crack as will the components inside which are a lot more delicate than hard surface of the piano.

If the humiydy of the room is to wet then the wood of the piano will absorb the water and expand the wood causing it to swell and crack.

Try to avoid placing the place piano with direct contact to air conditioning hot or cold, as this will dramatically change the humidity and temperature of the room.

The best percentage of humidity that your piano will thrive in ranges from 45% to 70%.

The best temperature for the environment of your piano is a consistent temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

More tips that will help protect your piano

  • Advoid leaving drinks on top of your piano
  • For the best sound and tone from your piano do not place heavy object on top of the piano.
  • Dust and clean the piano regularly

Moving, purchasing or hoping to relocate your piano to a new location, whether that be an upright or a grand piano you can rely on our dedicated team and services for piano removal in Narborough Leicestershire.

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