Our Moving Home Company Provides Affordable Rates For House Removals & Piano Removal Services in Banbury Oxfordshire

Moving home is one thing, moving home with a piano is another. Moving home with a piano will require physical skill, experience, man power and the right piano moving equipment. To move a piano safely whether that be moving an upright piano, baby grand piano or concert grand piano you should have no history of back problems.

The team here at MnM Removals is highly trained to complete such tasks. We allocate a dedicated team of piano movers to ensure your piano is transported in the correct manner.

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Will My Piano Be dismantled?

Your piano will be dismantled and reassembled once arrive at its new destination. If your piano is a baby grand, grand, or concert grand piano, then each piano leg will need to be removed before the piano can be moved safely. All bolts will need to be labeled for each leg of the piano, so the right bolts go back in to the right hole points.

The piano soft pedal, (una corda), sostenuto pedal and sustaining pedals will need to be removed from the piano. The soft pedal, sostenuto pedal and sustaining pedal is the part of the piano that controls the way it sounds. Many new pianos will have 3 pedals that hang from the bottom of all grand pianos, just under the piano keys.

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Will My Piano Be Wrapped Before Being Moved?

Your piano will be safely wrapped and packed ensuring it is safe, secure and ready for transit to its new destination. Our piano movers will use the correct piano packaging materials and equipment’s to ensure your piano is safely packed. Piano quilted blankets will be used to cover the piano and stop it from getting scraped, scratched or scuffed when being moved.

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How Will My Piano Be Moved?

This will depend on your circumstances and whether you are moving your piano into a flat, apartment, house, bungalow, theater, warehouse or other. If stairs are involved when moving your piano it will be moved using a piano skid board and ramps for easy movement.

The piano will be firmly strapped down to the piano skid board and will help to secure the piano and hold it place when being moved. When using the piano skid board we will rest the piano on top of the board and then place the board on top of the piano shoes (wheels) for easier moving.

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Will My Piano Be Insured?

Your piano will be fully covered and protected, using our piano removal insurance policy. Your piano removal insurance will start from the time we enter your home to the time your piano is delivered to its new destination. MnM Removals provides the best security for your piano needs when moving it to a new home, or from A to B.

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How Do I Get A Free Piano Removals Quote?

Receive your free no obligation piano removals quotation is simple, simply get in touch with the MnM Removals team by call our friendly team on 0800 0025 543 or filling in our easy to use contact form below. We will take as much details regarding your piano and the access between both destinations. Your quote will be a fixed price and will include VAT. This is so you are always aware in advance of the price of your piano removal services in Banbury Oxfordshire.

We provide free moving advice to all clients moving home or moving a piano. To receive your free no obligation quotation.