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Buying a new piano? Upright, baby and grand pianos are heavy because of the cast iron harp, which is the frame inside the piano.

If you want to buy, move or get rid of your old piano then  you have landed in the right place. MnM Removals is the best piano moving company in Leicestershire and the East Midlands, as we provide a specialist team and affordable quotes for piano removals in Enderby Glen Parva & Wigston Leicestershire.

Piano Removals In Enderby Glen Parva & Wigston

How Heavy Are Pianos & How Much Do They Weigh

There are so many pianos that come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are lighter than others. The smallest type of piano is an upright piano and the largest is a concert grand piano that you would normally use in a large theatre.

Take a look at the weights below

  • Small upright pianos can weigh 300 lbs – 43 inches tall
  • Large upright pianos weigh anything from 600 – 1000 lbs – 48 – 60 inches tall
  • Smaller baby grand piano weigh anything from 400 – 500 lbs and 4.5 – 5 ft high
  • Baby grand pianos weigh from 500 – 800 lbs and are 5 – 5.5 ft high
  • Professional grand piano weigh around 700 lbs – 6 ft tall
  • Parlour grand piano weigh about 750 lbs and stand 6 ft  8 inches tall
  • Concert grand pianos weigh 550 – 1200 lbs and stand 8 ft 11 inches tall

How To Move A Piano

To relocate your piano you are going to need our reliable and experienced team of piano movers in Enderby Glen Parva & Wigston. As this will ensure that your piano is transported safely to its new location. Our expert piano movers come equipped with all the packing materials and piano moving equipment. Making your piano removals seem simple and stress-free.

Experienced Piano Movers Locally Or Nationwide

One of best companies for piano removals is MnM Removals because we cover all locations in Leicestershire, the Midlands and the UK. So if you are moving your piano across country, then get in touch for a free quote today. Our specialist piano moving team will ensure your piano arrives in perfect condition.

Affordable Quotes For Piano Moving in Leicestershire

We provide fair, accurate quotes based on your exact needs. As all quotes will be sent to you in writing and will be a set price. To arrange a booking for your piano removals in Enderby Glen Parva & Wigston Leicestershire then please get in touch with our friendly team because we are always happy and willing to help when relocating your piano to a new destination.

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