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Thinking Of Moving Your Piano? 


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Searching for a specialist piano removals company and team covering. MnM Removals is the best choice for you. We offer affordable quotes for moving upright pianos & baby grand pianos in Water Orton & Warwickshire.



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Before our specialist piano removals team moves your piano it will be carefully wrapped using a specialist piano protectors. Once the team is happy the piano is safley packed up, they will the start the moving process. Working as a team they will lift the piano on to piano shoes before wheeling the piano to the moving vehicle. Depending the type of piano you have their will be a minimum of a 2 man team.



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From time to time you may need to put your piano into storage, MnM Removals can help with this. We provide a safe, secure storage facility in Warwickshire where you can have peace of mind that your most precious piano is safe. Many people that move home find out that their is no room to keep the piano within the house and need a secure place to ensure that it can be stored safely and securely.



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When position your piano in its new destination our piano removals team will assemble the legs if its a baby grand piano, placing the piano in the exact location and spot that you require. When moving your piano it should be left in the room so that it can get use to the new room tempeture, it may require tuning so that the piano plays the notes to the best of its ability.



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Piano Removals in Water Orton & Warwickshire Get a FREE Estimate


Our friendly, experienced piano removals and storage company operating in Warwickshire can carry out your piano removal services at a time that best suits you and your needs, whether that be Mon-Fri or Sat-Sun we can help. Simply get in touch with our customer service team by call 0800 0025 543 so we can provide you with the best piano removals quote.



97% of our piano removal customers rated us very good or excellent.

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