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Home Clearance in Birstall


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Another decision you’ll be faced with when planning your house clearance in Bistall, is what furniture you would like to keep and what furniture is to be cleared. Many house clearance companies will ask you to label the items you want to keep and the items that are to be recycled or donated to local charities. Up to 90% of the furniture that we clear from your house clearance is donated to local charities, before being re-homed.

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During the house clearance, you can sit back relax and leave all the work to be completed by you chosen house clearance company and clearance team. It is not unusual for you to leave the property and return to your day-to-day duties, as your clearance company will clear the property, lock all doors and windows, before returning the keys to yourself, the land lord, office or estate agents.

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When having a bereavement house clearance it is best for the family of the loved one to clear any sentimental or valued items and furniture from the property, before the house clearance team arrive.Many bereavement house clearance companies understand that this is a hard time for clients and will carry out your bereavement clearance in the most sympathetic manner.

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Why Choose Us!


Instead of storing old, tatty and worn furniture within your home, spare room, attic, garage or garden shed, why not have a house clearance. Having a house clearance can have a big impact on your home, freeing up valuable space for you to organize your home properly. A house clearance is perfect if you are plan on selling your property, moving house, renovating or running a property estate agent business, as properties can be cleared and cleaned, ready for new tenants or new home owners. Our guide on how to plan a house clearance in Birstall Leicester will help to ensure the process goes smoothly and according to plan.



Low Cost, Fully Insured House Clearance Company in Birstall

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