20% OFF When Planning On Moving Home in Eastwood Newthorpe or Giltbrook Nottinghamshire

Moving to a new house can be a tensed and emotional time for some people, which is not surprising when you are faced with the reality of all the task that must be done, like contacting your removals company, notifying your service providers, Royal Mail, British Gas that you are moving home and arranging for your pets and children to be cared for while the move is under way. If you are an elderly person, disabled,  a family or professional and are preparing for a house removal or planning on moving home in Eastwood, Newthorpe or Giltbrook Nottinghamshire, look no further than MnM Removals.

Things to Consider Before Moving House in Eastwood, Newthorpe or Giltbrook

With so much to think about and do when moving home it can be so easy to forget important task that you must complete before the move.Below we have prepared the perfect guide for people moving home in Nottinghamshire

Listed below are some tasks you may need to achieve before you move into your new home

  • Organise the heating, phone line and tv connections
  • Arrange and adjust the property for easy movement
  • Provide health care providers with your new home address and details
  • Be sure to have friends or family to assist you on moving day
  • Try to arrange a visit to your local community or day centre, this will help you to meet new people within your new area
  • Keep in touch with friends and family from your old area, collect phone numbers and addresses so you may keep in touch
  • Keep money, jewellery, documents, valuables and sentimental items safe and in your control at all times during the moving process
  • Cancel magazines, library books, milk man and any other subscriptions you may have, arrange for them to be set up at you new home

How We Can Help People Moving Home in Nottinghamshire

To ensure your house removal is carefully planned and organised we will arrange for a home survey to be completed in the comfort of your home. Your home survey is completed by an experienced and professional move consultant, who will attend your home to assess the volume of furniture you would like to move. Your home survey is the perfect time to meet our Nottingham removals company face to face, where we can answer your queries in more detail than over the phone.


House Removal Service in Eastwood Newthorpe & Giltbrook Nottinghamshire

On the day of your home move you will have a great team of fast, friendly and professional removal men, who will go above and beyond to provide a stress free service for you and your family when moving to your new house. All removal men are equipped with removal blankets, straps and moving equipment that makes life easier for them when moving furniture from A to B. On the day of the move you will not need to lift a single finger as the removal men will complete all task for you. If you have struggled of forgot to disconnect your washer, this no problem our movers are qualified to assist your exact requirements.

Home Packing Services in Eastwood Newthorpe & Giltbrook Nottinghamshire

Let our expert home packing team pack your home for you. Not only will our home packing team save you valuable time, money and physical work when packing your home, but also our packing team will save you time searching for packaging materials, as they will arrive with all the packaging materials required to professionally pack your home. Depending on your requirements our packing team will wrap all furniture and wrap and pack all belongings and items safely into removal boxes before labelling each box. Clients with busy working life’s can go amongst their daily routine while the packing service is under way, returning once the packing is complete.

House Clearance in Eastwood Newthorpe or Giltbrook Nottinghamshire

A house clearance service is essential if are moving home and don’t want to bring all your old, tatty and unused furniture, which can clutter the look of your new home. Instead you can arrange a house clearance to have these items and bulky furniture cleared from your home before the removal men arrive. A house clearance is a great way to donate to charities in your local area, make some extra money towards your house removal or to save on space within the new home. The best way to organise a house clearance is to label each item of furniture Red for Recycle, Yellow for Donate and Green for Keeps. This will also make it easier when the removal company comes to complete your home survey.

Furniture Self Storage in Eastwood Newthorpe or Giltbrook Nottinghamshire

Reason you may need a self storage unit or a container storage unit when moving home. For example worst case scenario the property falls through and your home is sold, but the new home is not ready. You will by law have to move all furniture out of your home. How ever horrible this may be you are faced with the possibility of hiring a self storage unit or container storage to store your household possessions until your new home is ready. MnM Removals can ensure your belongings are moved and stored in a safe environment, whether that be for 1 week or one year you can rest assured your belongings will be cared for. We can store almost any item for homes and business within Nottinghamshire.

Piano Removals in Eastwood Newthorpe & Giltbrook Nottinghamshire

Some house removals may involve moving a piano. Whether that be an upright piano or grand piano you will need experienced and professional piano movers to move it. Not every removal company is equipped or experienced to move such heavy items like pianos safe and professionally to its new destination. Specialist piano shoes, piano wheels, piano covers and straps are used to ensure your most delicate and probably the most expensive item within your home is transported safely. Need to move your piano to a new location get in touch today.

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Planning on Moving Home in Eastwood Newthorpe or Giltbrook