Help & Support For Senior Citizens Downsizing Their Home When Moving House

Welcome to MnM Removals we are a professional family run moving company that provides an honest and caring service for senior citizens when downsizing or moving house within the UK & Europe. Moving seniors and helping them to downsize and settle into their new home is a service we at MnM Removals are very proud of. We understand the upset that can be caused when moving from a long-term family home into a new property. This is why we will allocate a patient and understanding team of movers and advisers to assist all senior citizen moving to a new place. For many senior citizens moving home can become overwhelming, which is not surprising considering all the planning, organizing, packing, sorting and unpacking that is required.

 Assistance For Elderly People, Retired & Senior Citizens Downsizing To A New House

Now that the children are all grown up and have flown the nest, you are left with extra rooms in the house you no longer need any more, you make that big decision to  move to a new more suitable home. Now you are faced with moving from a large family home. If you have never moved home before and don’t have much knowledge of what the moving process involves this can sometimes put senior citizens off making that big move. Our move consultants are here to offer the knowledge care and assistance you need, whether downsizing, moving into retirement accommodation or moving to the beautiful English coastal areas we have the best most cost-effective solution for you.

Our Moving House Services are Designed to Remove The Stress, Worry, Hard Work & Burden Away When Moving House

  • Assistance with all your moving options. We help senior citizens moving into any form of accommodation
  • Advice with your local authority, help and support with funding, welfare benefits and eligibility
  • Assistance viewing and visiting properties you may want to move into
  • We can help to market your current property on to the letting market or on to the housing market to help secure a sale
  • We can provide the best solutions for staging your current home preparing it for potential buyers or renters
  • We can provide advice on downsizing and help to sort out all furniture and belongings when moving home
  • We can organize custom floor plans so you can decide exactly where your would like your furniture to be placed at the new home
  • We can remove all old, tatty, unused, worn and unwanted items or furniture from your home donating them to local charities or for recycling
  • Support disposing and shredding of personal documentation and letters
  • Arranging for treasured possession to be passed onto friends, family and relatives

How We Can Help Senior Citizens With Their House Removal When Moving House

  • Plan, prepare and organise your entire moving and house removal process
  • Complete a full detailed inventory of all items, belongings and furniture being relocated to the new home
  • Arrange for your new and old home to be cleaned and ready for the new tenants or new home buyers moving in
  • We can also arrange for your new home to decorated and carpeted ensuring you can move straight in
  • Help and support ordering new home furniture, belongings and items
  • Help changing addresses and notifying all suppliers and providers. DVLA, Royal Mail etc
  • Help as standard with your home move, packing, dismantling / assembling, storage, house clearance, unpacking, piano removals and much more
  • Communicating with estate agents and solicitors for you
  • We can connect all tv’s, radios, phone lines, broad band, pc’s, cookers, fridges, freezers, placing clothing into wardrobes and draws, filling kitchen cupboards
  • Help finding local health care providers within your new area, GP, Opticians, Dentist and other facilities you may require
  • Over watching the whole process before, during and after the move ensuring you or your elderly parents have settled comfortably into their new home and that all utilities are up and running

Are Elderly, Retired or a Senior Citizens Downsizing Home when Moving House Call our Friendly Team on

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