How To Organize A Big House Removal When Moving From A Large Home With Your Family

Moving from a 1 bedroom flat can at times be stressful, let alone moving from a large family 6 bedroom house. This type of home move can take up 2 days before it is actually complete. You can just imagine the planning and organizing this type of house removal will take you may need to request some professional assistance from your local moving company who will help to plan and organize the entire move for you. By following our start to finish moving guide when moving home with your family you will be sure to have a successful, efficient, cost-effective and stress free home move.

Professional Tips Of Things To Do When Relocating To A New Place With Your Family

With so much to think about when moving home it can be easy to get lost with all the chores and tasks that need to be achieved as well as the house removal itself. This moving home guide is designed to help and support you, your family and your home move 100% and is created by a specialist moving company that knows all about moving families to a new place.

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Forward Planning & Preparation Is The Key To A Successful House Removal

  • Ask for your removals company to complete and carry out a FREE of charge home survey at your home
  • Decide what removal services you’ll need and whether you are going to pack or leave it for the removal company
  • Get at least 3 removal quotes in writing and book your chosen removals company and moving date
  • Speak to schools and colleges to have all of your children’s school books and files faxed across to the new school and head teacher
  • Speak to the children about the move and interact them with the day-to-day duties it may involve, like packing boxes etc
  • Set up utilities and other subscriptions for your new home, including phone line, broad band, tv, heating, water, driving licence and mail
  • If completing your own packing gather all moving boxes and packing supplies(these can purchased from your removals company at lower costs)
  • Consider extra home and content insurance just to have extra peace of mind and extra protection for your most fragile and expensive furniture
  • Research doctors, dentists, opticians and other health care providers in your new home area
  • Keep a folder with all of your moving receipts and expenses
  • Contact all companies that you will need to notify that you have changed your address (DVLA, HMRC, Royal Mail)

The sooner you can arrange all of the above the better, many providers have busy schedules and may not be able to attend your home straight away. As soon as you are aware you are moving home its best to give them a call.

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Should I Let My Children Get Involved In The Move

It’s important to involve the children when moving home as they can sometimes feel nervous with the idea of leaving the home they have grown up in and love so much. With the thought of leaving their school, home, relatives, friends and community for a new one can send some children into a panic. To over come this fear involve them with the move, speak to them about how they would like to decorate their new bedroom, let them pack their own personal items and decorate boxes in their favorite colors, this will make them see moving home as fun and something they can look forward too.

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Completing Your Own Packing – Here Are Some Essential Packing Tips To Ensure Your Belongings are Packed & Boxed Correctly

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Gather as many strong double wall removal boxes as you think you’ll need. Many removal companies offer removal boxes and packing materials on their websites which can be delivered directly to your front door saving you valuable time and money.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Always give your self enough time to start packing your home. The last thing you want to do is rush, especially with your packing. Take your time and pack maybe 5 to 10 boxes per day, this is a more efficient way of packing.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]All larger items of furniture will need to be wrapped using quality foam wrap, this will stop damaged from being done as the foam wrap will work as added protection for your furniture and smooth surfaces.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Always start your packing in the kitchen as this usually is the room of the house that takes the longest to pack, simply because of all the fragile items like plates, glasses and cutlery that will all need to be wrapped and packed individually before being placed into a box.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Any items, belongings or furniture smaller than a microwave must be placed into removal boxes. This will make life and your move so much easier, your belongings don’t get damaged and the whole process works out to be an hour quicker as the movers don’t have to go picking random items up from every where around the home, when items are in a box it your move more compact, simple and stress free.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Label and number all boxes so you can easily find and unpack your boxes. When moving home you want things to go smoothly labeling and numbering your boxes will let you know exactly how many boxes you have and alert you of whats in side each box making life easier.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Be sure to have all boxes packed, washer and fridge unplugged and furniture ready to be moved to the new home for when your movers arrive, the last thing you need on the day of your move are delays.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Remember no items should be left behind. When completing your own packing it can takes months to complete, sorting all those kids toys, clothing, dvds and other items around the home takes time. Hiring a specialist home packing team like ours can reduce this time dramatically. Many professional removal companies can have your home wrapped, packed and boxed with just a few hours saving you time.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]All chandeliers, lamps, mirrors, pictures and delicate items will need to be wrapped professionally. Many movers will not move them unless they are safely boxed and ready for transit to the new home.

[icon icon=”archive” size=”small” style=”none” shape=”inherit” text_color=”#f48a00″]Most importantly when completing your own packing or using a removal company you will need to get your belongings valued by an established insurance valuer to find out the true value of the goods being moved. It is also important to make sure your belongings are insured and covered under goods in transit insurance  before being packed or moved. Speak to your chosen moving companies as they will be able to help with this.

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Preparing For A Big House Removal With Your Family