Deciding to buy your new home in Leicester or Leicestershire

If you and your family are planning a house removal and  preparing to buy a new home in Leicester or Leicestershire. Then you are going to need the assistance of a reliable moving company. When moving from a small home, similar to a 1 bedroom flat. A Man & Van Removal Service may be a good option. If moving from a 5 or 6 bedroom semi detached home, with garage and garden items. Then a reputable house moving company, will be the best choice for you, your family and your move. As they will have all the resources in place to complete your move more efficiently.

Follow These Top Tips Below When Buying Your New Home In Leicester

Factor In All The Cost Involved When Buying A New House

You will need to calculate all the costs and figures that you will need to make when buying a home. It isn’t just about your deposit. There are other fees, that you will need to consider when purchasing your new property.

  • Stamp Duty Fees
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • House Survey Fees
  • Removal Company Fees
  • Estate Agent Fess
  • Conveyancing Fees

Does The New Home Offer Enough Space

It is vital when viewing a property that you envision the space on offer. If the home is decorated, try looking past this and structure how each room in the property will work for you and your family. Many smaller rooms may be able to opened up, making the room larger. 

May be you are downsizing from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom. This will mean that you will need to arrange a house clearance, storage or a sale to dispose of all your unwanted items. That will not fit into your new home.

Is Your New Home In A Good Location

The first thing that comes to mind when buying a new home in Leicester or Leicestershire is the location. Take a visit to your area to see all the shops, parks, bars and restaurants it has to offer. Do you have shops near to the new home or will you need a car to get shops to buy all of your essentials.  

These are the questions you will need to sit down and speak with your family about. If you have small children, you will want to move to a location that has good schools, colleges and a good reputation, that will give your children the best head start in life.

Below are 10 of the best locations to live in Leicestershire

  • Knighton
  • Wigston
  • Oadby
  • Syston
  • Great Glen
  • Loughborough
  • Woodhouse Eaves
  • Mountsorrel
  • Ashby-de-la-Zouch
  • Uppingham

Don’t Buy Your New Home Before You’ve Sold Your Old One

If you have seen a home that your heart is set on buying. It is important not to get attached to a home, until you have your new home on the market and a buyer in the fore front. It is important to sell your old home first, before buying a new one. 

If moving day arrives and you have not managed to buy a new home, you could potentially rent for short term and store your belongings in to storage, until your new home is purchased and you are ready to be moved in.

Get A Mortgage Agreement In Principle

Prior to buying your new home in Leicester. You will need to contact your bank or lender to get an Agreement in Principle. This will show you exactly how much money your lenders will provide to you for the mortgage. So you can use this agreement to provide to your estate agents, builders etc. A Mortgage Agreement in Principle will help you to start making offers on your new home.

Find Out More About A Mortgage Agreement In Principle

Take A Visit To The New Area 

Before you actually buy and move in to your new home. It is a good idea to take a visit to see the new home, your new neighbours and places in the vicinity, that offer fun things to do with the family.

Visit your new location at different times of the day and night. Take a wonder and speak to the locals about what it is like to live in such a location.

This will be the best way to explore your chosen area and make that big decision. On whether to buy or not buy. 

Hiring Your Movers

Another important factor to consider when buying a new house is your removals and storage. Getting your removal date booked and confirmed as early as possible will help avoid any delays. When it comes to moving home You will need to think about, how you are going to relocate your belongings from A to B. How you will budget for the move. How much help you will need. Whether you need storage or packing services.

If moving from a large home. It will be easier to hire the services of a professional house removals company in Leicester. Many will have a large team and will be able to safely pack your home, relocate you items either to the new home or in to storage until the new home is ready.

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