Moving Dogs To New Home – The best canine information on how to preparing your pet dog when moving house in Spilsby, East Lindsey, Lincolnshire, PE23

Moving to new house and area with your dog can sometimes be stressful for the dog to cope with. With our helpful guide on how to start preparing your pet dog when moving house in Spilsbly, East Lindsey, Lincolnshire, you can be sure that the correct methods are used to ensure your pet dog feels safe and secure during the moving process.

What to do on the run up to your move

Start make preparations a few weeks before your move, this will help to get your dog use to the new surroundings around your home, like boxes, beds coming down, wardrobes coming down. Your dog will sense that change is going on in your home, constantly reassure them that all will be ok.

Try to keep your dog to its usual routine, before the move. Take them for their usual daily walks and feed them at the correct time. A full tummy and a couple of treats is enough to ensure your dog all is fine.

Purchase a pet carrier that will be comfortable for your dog to sit and lie down in. This will help to ensure that he is secure and does not cause a danger to you or the movers on the day of your move.

If your dog is new to the pet carrier, let them have time to get use to it. Some dogs will run when they first notice that they will be locked in the pet carrier or wine when lock inside. At first put them in for few minutes a day to get them use to it, especially if they have not used a pet carrier before.

As soon as you know where you will be moving to have your dog chipped. If the worst did happen on the day of your move and the dog goes missing, you will have had your dogs tagged to the new address so they will be easier to locate.

Cut dogs nails this will help to stop them getting trapped in the pet carrier, making it comfy for the dog.

Take dogs for a run before placing them in the room and before your movers arrive. This will tire the dog, so that they can settle while the moving process is under way.

During the removal process

Be sure to keep your dog secured. place your dog in a room that will not be used by the movers like the bathroom or spare bedroom

Notify your movers of what room you will keep the dogs in, this will ensure they are not able to get out and escape

Leave water, food and toys out for your dogs so they are not bored or mischievous

Keep a close eye on the dogs, check on them regularly reassuring them all the time.

Making your way by car to your new home

Some dogs can be very car sick, try to take them for short drives to help them get accustomed to the movement and turning of the car. If this does not work you may have to take trip to your local veterinarian who will provide your dogs with some travelling tablets.

With many dogs you will not have this problem as many dogs love to travel in the car. Get a harness for your dog so you can strap them to the back of the car, don’t let them hang their heads out the window as this could be very dangerous.

If you are travelling far away and have to leave the dogs in the car unattended, be sure to leave a gap in the windows for air to circulate around the car and bowl of water. Many dogs can over heat very quickly when left in boiling hot cars during summer periods.

Getting your new home ready for the dogs

Once you have arrived at your new home, check the dogs for any defects from the drive. Let them out the pet carrier so they can stretch their legs for a while.

Decide where the dogs will be sleeping and lay out their bedding, food and water. They will be pleased to have all fours on the ground, with tails wagging.

Clean the house and check for any signs of danger within the home that cause problems for the dogs. Give the house a full clean, but complete an inspection of hazardous items that can cause the dogs harm. Once happy all wires are covered and floors are cleaned let the dogs roam their new home and surroundings. Play hide and seek games with them and reward when they have found you, these will help your dogs to  easily forget the old home and make their new one. Let them out in the garden to roam their new territory and mark their scents.

Lay out the dogs favorite toys and constantly reassure them this will help them to get use to their new home happily.

You may need to secure the new home so the dogs can not escape from the back. Try getting some fencing put up to stop them from getting out and getting hurt.

Take your dogs for a visit to their new vets, you never know when you may need it in the likely hood the dogs have an accident, so register them as soon as possible at the new veterinarian.

Settling your dog in to its new home

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