The best price guide of Home Removals

If you are moving home then our price guide of home removals will help you when booking in your move. It is important that you understand exactly what you should expect in the case of prices and services offered to you by your chosen removals companies. The price to book a house removals company may vary depending on a variety of  things – Moving distance, the possessions you wish to be moved, what services you will choose, dismantling and assembling, packing of belongings and the size or type of relocation you would like to make.

If it is a professional home removals company you require then generally the average cost is roughly £600 approximately from Leicester to London for example, still this may vary.

The average price of moving a 2 bedroom house with all possessions from Leicester to Scotland would be approximately between £600 to £1300 depending on the distance. If however it is only a small move that is approximately 50 miles away the cost you could expect to pay would be roughly £700 with all packing and materials included. It is always best to keep these cost down read on to find out how. Some removal companies can offer you a discount especially if you are a elderly citizen. If you are willing to be flexible with your move dates, then your removal company can combine your move with someone eles’s or arrange a return load so that you will only be charged for one way travel expenses.

Another cost you may receive is getting the parking permit. Usually removal companies do not engage in this so it is your responsibility to ensure they have a space to park. You can do this by speaking to local council or alternatively ask your neighbours if you may use theirs, if they agree let them know in advance what date and time you’ll be needing the space.

On moving day be their with the removalist, if you are paying by the hour you want to be their to ensure you are getting a quality service and the removalist don’t go to slow, the average time it should take a full team of removal men is a couple of hours to load the vehicle any longer than this then something is not going to plan.

When planning how much it will cost to hire a professional removal company there are many factors you should know – Size, type and amount of furniture to be moved, extra service that you will use, packing and packaging materials, tape boxes, bubble wrap etc. Most removal firms will give you a unique quote but this will depend on the individual company itself.


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