Adhesive Packing Labels


Size:            108 X 79mm | Packs of 500


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Adhesive Packing Labels

Adhesive Packing Labels

Adhesive packing labels are a great and cost effective way to make the removal men aware of what you have inside your boxes and how they should handle them. Using adhesive packing labels can save you not only money but also the upset of having any of your belongings damaged or broken.

Fragile Adhesive Packing Labels

Fragile Adhesive Packing Labels should be used for any delicate or easily breakable items such as:

China and Glass ware

Plates and Bowels

Glasses and stemware

Handle With Care Adhesive Packing Labels

Handle with Care Adhesive Packing Labels can be used for a variety of items inc:

House Plants

Small or delicate Ornaments

Picture frames

This Way Up Adhesive Packing Labels

This way up Adhesive Packing Labels are a good idea for a number of items inc:


Toiletries such as shower gels and shampoo etc

Food and drinks

Adhesive packing labels are cost-effective and very easy to use. They are also 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Adhesive packing labels are a  must have for anyone planning to move home or office.

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